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Why Mr eazi doesn’t Own a Car

This can be a shock for many fans of Mr. Eazy and his work, as in a recent interview with the Sunday Beats, singer Leg Over showed that he does not have a car.

In his explanation, he stated that he preferred to use Uber. He also said:

“If your self-assessment is based on how much money you have in your bank account, then you have a serious problem with self-assessment. From the very moment when I sang my very first song, someone offered me a contract to record N80m, but I refused, and at that time I did not have N300,000 in my account.

“My first offer to write a contract from the UK was £ 356,000, I refused, but at that time I made a tour, and the total amount I earned was £ 12,500. I used the money to make videos of some of my songs. I stayed with £ 20; they offered me 365,000 pounds, but I refused. I did this because my value did not depend on what was in my account.

“Until today I use Uber, but I don’t care, and, by the way, I don’t even pay for the trip, because I was given a loan by Uber. But if you see me in the Uber car and you feel that Mr. Easi is poor, what’s my business (with this)? For example, everyone around me has cars, and besides, I buy cars for people. If it makes sense for me to use Uber, why should I go? Why should I pay about N100 m per car, which I will drive only five times a year?

“There are better things with this money. In the short time I spent on the land, I made a lot of money. While I was engaged in mining, I had so much money that I lived in a place that was two steps away from the airport in Accra, and I paid for an apartment in dollars.

“I earned a lot of money. It shows how expensive it was, but I went down with my friend in a one-room apartment. I slept on the floor in my room. In addition, when I was selling drinks, we started with a box and after a while began to import four containers every two weeks. From the import of four containers every two weeks, we returned to nothing. There have been ups and downs in my life. If my self-esteem was based on material things, I would kill myself. ”

The singer admitted that he received a lot of negative reviews on social networks simply because of his relationship with Tema, one of the daughters of the billionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola.

However, Mr. Eyzy said that such things would never excite him.

“People can say what they want to say, and if you want everything they say about you to bother you, then you are not going to live, especially when you are visible.

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