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We Have Detained Kwara Finance Commissioner – EFCC CLAIMS

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested the financial commissioner of Quara, Nurudin Banu and Suleiman Ishol, the chief accountant of the state, to investigate the alleged illegal methods of conducting elections in 2019.

The Daily Trust reports that both were detained in Ilorin, the headquarters in the Kvara region, by anti-corruption agents to explain the use of more than one billion NFIs in funds received from commercial banks a few days before the election.

Banu and Ishola were arrested to explain why the money was received and how the money was spent, the newspaper writes.

The EFCC was invited by the Koran Coalition for Good Governance and Responsibility (KWARA-CGGA) to investigate loans in excess of 1 billion N guaranteed by the state bank of the bank several days before the general election.

The group’s general secretary, Hassan Omoia, said he has intelligence information that the state government received a loan from the first generation bank on February 13, using the allocation of state VAT quotas in February and March 2019. As security.

“We call on the EFCC and, of course, the federal Treasury to determine whether the government of Kwara can use the $ 1 billion loan during the parliamentary elections at dusk.”

“The status of the VAT account as collateral for loans without prior consent and approval of the Debt Management Department and the Federal Ministry of Finance, along with other laws and regulations concerning the provision of loans to the state government.

“We hope that your investigation will extend to individuals and corporate institutions that are involved in ineffective actions in connection with the charges against individuals and institutions that are subject to official charges and fines.”

Detained Kwara Finance Commissioner

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