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Use Phoca Download Extension to Upload Txt, .Docx, Music Files On Joomla

Phoca Download happens to be one of the best joomla extension during file transfer. This extension was designed so as to enable you control and manage your file downloads on joomla.

This lesson is a brief discussion of how to transfer documents in joomla using Phoca downloads. Phoca Download is a free Joomla extension that is used to exchange files in various formats, so you can also use some security levels to control who can download these files.

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to upload music files by downloading Phoca and categorizing them so that they are accessible to people that can be accessed on your site.

An example of the page I am currently using is FSNA Fraser Valley West, the National Association of Federal Retirees here in Canada. This is one of the branches in British Columbia, and as you can see, I already have a link to an office that connects to the Phoca download zone. For those of you who really work on this particular site, the office usually doesn’t appear until you log in to the forum or get access for managers, but I am logged in to see how the changes occur.

If I click in the office, we will see six categories that exist in the Phoca download area on this page. These are 0 subcategories and 0 files, but we will change this.

I’m at the end of this page, and we’ll go to Components and download Phoca. Let’s go to the control panel. Now, if you are setting up Phoca downloads or are already set up on your site, but you need new categories, you can do this by creating a category. And of course, we would click here on the link of this category. Click on this and you will see here six existing categories that correspond to the categories already on the site.

If you want to create a new category, click Create and give it the desired name. Let’s just call it “Song Lyrics”, and the category will have that name. You can also make it a subcategory of an existing category.

There are other options here that can be used here. You can add a category description if you want, but you create categories in this way. It is very easy. I’m not going to save it now; just “undo”. We will work with these six here.

Then, after creating the category, click “Files” here in the sidebar or, if you are in the Control Panel, click “Files” here. Now there are only a few steps in the right order for everything to go well.

First of all, we will add a new Phoca download file. So I’ll click on “new”, and here we have a place to place the file header. I created two sample files. One of these is an example Word document. I’m going to call it there to get the name. Where do I want to do this? We omit only the pseudonym that will be assigned by the software. What category do we want to put it in? Why not put it in the “other”, because it is, of course, the file of “another type”. It’s great

Now the next thing to do is to associate this particular file with the file that will be downloaded. To do this, instead of entering the name, click the “Select a file name” button to open the folders on the site where documents are stored on the Phoca download website. Currently, there is only one name “custom download”. But why not create one that will fit the category that exists in Phoca Download. Now we see that it is gray, but it is “different”, so I’m going to create a folder. I click there and create a folder in this root directory. This is where things are now in this root directory, and I will call it “other”, and I will create this folder. Now he is there.

Now I want to download a file that is an example of a Word document. Downloaded to the folder that I look at and where I look at is in this Phoca download folder, I want to put it in the second folder, and it helps me figure it out at the end of the site. When I click “other”, we look through the second folder. He says that he does not have a file, but he will change in a second.

Then go to “Select File”, and when I click “Select File”, a window will open showing where the files are on my computer, and here is a sample of the Word document that I created. I’m going to send it now. I can click it and click Open or double click and ready to download. I click “start download”. It has been downloaded and now appears in the list of documents, “example of the word document.docx”. Now all I do is click on the name of this document, it will be placed in the file name, and that’s all we need to do.

Now you can put other things here. You can place the version, the name of the author, the page of the author … these are all options that will allow you to use Phoca Download. Check them out sometime. If you want to “confirm the license” – if you have a license somewhere on your site, where people agree that if you download this file, you are not responsible for everything that happens – you can install it and say “yes” “You must confirm the license and somewhere we must create it so that we can process it in another tutorial. Basically, we can go down, you can click which user has uploaded the file, or leave this field blank.

Finally, here we have a “description”, and it looks like any article or content in Joomla. Msgstr “This is an example download document from Phoca Download.” That’s all we have to do now, and we put it in the “other.”

There are other things you can check here: publish settings, when to start publishing this file, when you delete it, many settings will show you how to explore … metadata settings, if you want to find these files on the Internet, this is a great place for descriptions and keywords and mirroring details, if you have a website that was somewhere else (if you have a mirror site, because you generate a lot of traffic and customize it), and the YouTube settings, if you use its to handle youtube videos.

But back to the general parameters, sample documents or title. We have already sent it, and I will just go save. Now that we save this, I’ll go back to the top of the page and update this page, we’ll see that we have 0 subcategories and others, but we have one file. And when I click “other” and enter this area, we see an example of a Word.docx document, which is ready to be loaded, and there is a description for it that we wrote.

If we click “download”, we will ask where we want to download the file to our computer. And when someone pulls him, it is important to remember which folder he goes to. But they can always download it another time. Yes, we can save it, and it gets it.

Thus, you can send a file that will be available according to your permissions that you set in Phoca Download. So why don’t we make another file.

Let’s go back to this map. Here we have the previous one, so I’m going to save it and close it. Let’s create a new file. Click “new” and add the title. This time, let’s call it the “example PDF file”. Leave the nickname empty. Put it in the same “other” folder. Ok, file name. Let’s pick a file name.


Now the file is not on the server yet, and we have already created a folder that basically matches the second category, so let’s go back to this folder again. You must do this every time you upload a file. We loaded a text document, but now we will select another file and then use the “sample PDF” file. Double click. He is already selected there, we see his name cut off, because it does not fit between these two buttons, but we know that he is there. Now click “start download”. Now it has been sent to the server at this file location, the “sample PDF document”, so we will click this header. It is here. Review all other options if you are interested in them, or use them and you will get a description: “This is a sample PDF file for download.” And I think that is all we need to do. So we’re just going to “save and close.”

Now that we are going to, let’s update this page, we are already in the “other” category, and now we have two files. We have this Word document, we have this PDF document, and this description we just wrote. Why don’t we collect it? I can even download by simply clicking on the file name, and I will save it in “downloads,” and when I click on it, there is a document that I just downloaded.

So this is the usual route to add Phoca files, as well as create categories into which you want to organize your files. I hope this tutorial helps you.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I hope that you subscribe to the channel and even just “click” on the video. Thank you for watching.

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