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How To Upgrade Your Jamb Result 2019 UTME Without Any Risk

When you hear Jamb result upgrade 2019, your mind gets troubled if jamb utme result upgrade is really possible. Well in this article, i will guide you on how you can upgrade your jamb utme results.

upgrade jamb result utme

One thing you have to know is that jamb result upgrade is not possible. Once your result is out, there is nothing like upgrade as some scammers claim. 

I know  as you are reading this post it sounds as if i don’t want your progress right?. Actually it will be a bad thing for me to encourage evil since i know fully well that jamb result can’t be upgraded. Now let me go a bit technical. Your Jamb result is uploaded to jamb server the very day you see your score. Jamb  server is a very secured database totally protected by rough codes. 

Your jamb result can’t be upgraded once it has been uploaded to jamb server because they are encrypted. This sounds crazy right? But it is a fact that can’t be ignored. 

But Do You Know You Can Still Upgrade Your Jamb Result Yourself?

There are only two ways you can do this. But before i go into details i have to fully inform you that there is nothing really cruel you can do. If you are reading this post just to upgrade your jamb result by force, then i advice you to keep reading. Well am pleased to inform you that there is only one way to upgrade your jamb result, and you can successful if you read the next paragraph below.

Forget About Your Low Score, Kick off Jamb Result Upgrade thoughts & Face Reality.

When i say face reality, i don’t intend to make you feel bad. If you don’t make it once, a second trial is not a Mistake. Remember “He who fails to plan, Plans to Fail”. If you don’t delete the thought of jamb result upgrade off your mind and plan ahead, this thought can make you fail a second time. Still not convinced? keep reading.

Some Tricks That Will Make You Score 250+ In Jamb Exam Without Upgrade.

I will share you some tricks on how to pass your jamb once below:-

  1. Adequate Preparation.
  2. Get all Jamb Past Questions
  3. Use Jamb Expo bomb.

Adequate Preparation

I think this trick is already self explanatory. I wouldn’t go into details.

Get All Jamb Past Questions For Result Upgrade

Getting all jamb past wuestion is the  best step to take if you really wnto pass your jamb eams once and for all. Jamb  examiners repeats questions every year. Trust me no one has that time to set bran new questions for each candidate. 

What jamb simply does is to shuffle candidates questions nothing more or less. Day 1 candidates answer same set of questions irrespective of the time schedule. I.e ( if Chike & Moju is to write an exam on same day but different time, Chike and moju will answer same set of questions but not same order. Chike’s question1 might be Moju’s question 30.

So the secret trick you can do in this situation is to go early your exam center take questions from those who wrote before you and figure out the answers to all their questions.

Use Jamb Expo bomb

Hey hey, don’t act like you don’t know what i mean. Although jamb expo ain’t really the best but it can be a remedy sometimes. Getting a genuine jamb runz dealer is not a simple task.  But luckily for you i can recommend a good and legit runz dealer for you. His name is Examprof i don’t know if you must have come accross him by now. If you wanna know about him drop a comment on this post and i will share you his dial.

Thanks for reading this article on everything concerning jamb result upgrade. Kindly use the comment below to express your thoughts. You can alsp ask questions if you have any.

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