Unijos Academic Calendar 2019/2020. This article was written solely for both returning and all newly admitted Students of Unijos (University Of Jos). The school management has just uploaded the Official Unijos Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Academic session.

Unijos Academic Calendar

UNIJOS Academic Calendar for Undergraduate Students.

Important: The School Calendar has been properly revised and reviewed by Chibyke Crew. Feel free to check out the activities that you are yet to fulfill.

FIRST (1st) SEMESTER Academic Calender.

March, 5th 2019 ‹‹›› Fresh Student Registration Will Commence.

March, 12th 2019 (Wednesday) ‹‹›› Old Students will begin their registration.

March, 29th 2019 (Thursday) ‹‹›› Both the registration exercise for New and Old student Will come to an End..

March, 30th 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› Beginning of Late Registration.

April, 13th 2019 ‹‹›› End of Late Registration.

April, 16th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› 1st Semester Lectures Commences.

June , 22nd 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› End of Submission of Forms (Drop & Add Forms).

July, 21st 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› End of Revision / Lectures.

July, 23rd 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› 1st Semester Examinations Begins.

August, 4th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› 1st Semester Exams Comes to an End.

August, 6th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Industrial Attachment Commences.

August, 6th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Script Marking Begins.

August, 25th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› End of Marking Period.

August, 27th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Faculty Board Meetings Holds.

August, 29th 2019 (Wednesday) ‹‹›› Senate Holds meeting to Approve First Semester Examination Results.

SECOND (2nd) SEMESTER Academic Calendar

August, 27th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Lectures Begins For of 2nd Semester.

October, 19th 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› End of Form Submissions (Drop & Add Forms).

December, 1st 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› End of 2nd Semester Revision / Lectures.

December, 3rd 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Second (2nd) Semester Examination Commencement.

December , 15th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› Second (2nd) Semester Examination Ends.

December, 17th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Marking Period.

December, 17th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Teaching Practice Begins.

January, 15th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› Marking Period Ends.

January, 7th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Faculty Boards Holds Meeting (For Second Semester Examination Results).

January, 10th 2019 (Thursday) ‹‹›› Senate Holds Meetings For 2nd Semester Examination Results Approval.

January, 7th—9th (Monday) February 2019 ‹‹›› Academic Staff Leave (Annual) .

February, 6th 2019 (Wednesday) ‹‹›› Industrial Attachment Comes to an End.

February, 8th 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› Teaching Practice Ends.

February, 9th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› End of 2019/2020 Academic Session.

Latest Calendar For Postgraduates


March, 5th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Certificate Verification / Online Registration begins.

April, 20th 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› End of Registration.

Monday-Friday, (23rd – 27th) April, 2019 ‹‹›› Late Registration.

April, 30th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› First Semester Lecture Kicks off.

May, 4th 2019 (Friday) ‹‹›› Matric Day for All Freshers.

August, 4th 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› First Semester Lecture Ends.

August, 6th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› Commencement of 1st Semester Exams.

August, 18th (Saturday) 2019 ‹‹›› End of First Semester Examinations.

September, 5th 2019 (Wednesday) ‹‹›› Faculty Post Graduate (PG) Board Schedules meeting for first semester Examination Results.

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10th September, 10th 2019 (Monday) ‹‹›› 2nd Semester Lectures Commences.

December, 22nd 2019 (Saturday) ‹‹›› 2nd Semester Lecture Ends.

Mon 24th Dec, 24th 2019 (Mon) – Jan, 2nd 2019 (Wed) ‹‹›› Christmas Holiday.

January, 3rd 2019 (Thur) – Commencement of 2nd Semester Exams.

Jan, 12th 2019 (Saturday) – 2nd Semester Examinations Ends.

January, 7th 2019 (Wed) – Faculty Post Graduate (PG) Board Schedules Meeting for 2nd Semester Examination Results.

4th February, 4th 2019 (Mon) – Post Graduate Boards holds meeting for sessional examination results approval.

Thursday, 7th February 2019 – Senate’s meeting Commences (for sessional examination results matters).

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UNIJOS Resumption Date Update: Due to suspension of the strike action by the Academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU), the Unijos management has finally announced the resumption date for Second semester Academic session.

Note: The academic session 2019/2020 will resume on 18th February, 2019. Both the students & general public have been advised by Unijos management to strictly comply to the dates mentioned in this article.

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