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Unbalanced diet was the cause of the emergence of new superbugs


Scientists from the Institute of Sanger, in Britain, together with foreign colleagues have discovered a new species of superbugs Clostridium difficile. The pathogen has evolved as a result of unbalanced diet, rich in sugar, and the emergence of innovative disinfectant.

People infected with Clostridium difficile, in most cases, after the use of antibiotics. This is due to the fact that due to such treatment the amount of the usual “residents” of the intestine is reduced. They are not able to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms and the intestinal pathogen appears in the digestive tract, causing diarrhoea and severe bowel disorders. Infection spreading in medical facilities, as there are more commonly used antibiotics and accumulates a large number of patients – potential victims.

Scientists suggest: the active reproduction of Clostridium difficile could trigger their evolution. In order to confirm their hypothesis, the experts analyzed 906 lines of the studied pathogen, isolated from microorganisms of humans, animals and the environment. Half of them were from the UK. After reading the genomes of all lines experts drew up an evolutionary tree samples. Modern clostridia was divided into four related groups, among which three were quite close to each other. The latter has received the name treasure and separated from the fourth group – the treasure In about 76 000 years ago. Treasure And started to proliferate only in 1595, shortly before the first hospital of the modern type.

A new species of the clade And were found in 70% of patients. He does not disappear as a result of processing modern means of disinfection in hospitals and spreading rapidly. According to the head of scientific work, Trevor Lawley, stimulation of bacteria to genetic changes and the formation of new organisms is due to the lifestyle of the people. Menu patients must be fewer foods rich in fructose and glucose. Superbugs is a global problem of the XXI century, according to who.

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