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Is tiwa savage and wizkid in love?

Rivalry is as old as humanity. Human history is rife with rivalry, which has even led to the death of the other side. It was about Cain and Abel in the Bible. And here, in Nigeria, rivalry or, rather, competition, is oil that lubricates the music industry. why tiwa savage and wizkid.

tiwa savage and wizkid in love

For a long time, rivalry or competition between Ayodzi Ibrahim Balogun, namely Wizkid or Starboi and David Adedeji Adelek, widely known as Davido, was the subject of fierce debate, and fans argued about who is more talented among the couple.

In the past two years, Wizkid was recognized as dust by Davido. Thanks to his collaboration with the American rap star, Drake, who catapulted him on the world stage and won him the award for best African act, a category in which Davido was also nominated, but lost. But by the middle of 2018, Davido launched a number of singles, including Assurance (for his girlfriend, Chioma), who turned his fortune and shot him to new heights.

Despite getting Nike’s approval and a date with the supermodel, Naomi Campbell, Wizkid, who is behind Davido with 6.2 million followers on Instagram, still didn’t meet the Omo Baba Olowo self-assessment (OBO). At some point, Wizkid rewrote something from Davido. He started sharing photos with himself and his children on social networks, but it all turned out to be a failure, because one of his baby’s mother came out to accuse him of being the father of a social network and for not paying his school fees children.

Last week, however, everything that seemed to have changed since Wizkid launched its latest video, Fever (Stew), to receive wide acclaim. Due to the fact that Tiwa Savage as a fox, Fever instantly set fire to the Internet, releasing new recordings in the Nigerian music industry as the first video to get over a million views in 24 hours.

The fever sent tongues, wagging and amplifying the rumors that Tiwa Savage and Wizkid really deal. Rumors began after the first lady from Mavin Records showed Wizkid in her hit single, Ma Lo, which received rave reviews. While this served as one of the songs that Tiwa Savage brought back after her break in the industry because of the birth, it was also the song that made Tiwa and Wizkid a subject.

At that time, her estranged husband, Ti Beals, stated that Vizkid was his boy, and therefore he could not meet his wife.

Was he wrong?

Indeed, the fever landed miserably, setting an internet agony. The video opens with a water bike Wizkid, and the camera pans over it, exposing the chest on a bed covered with snow-white sheets, with an abstract painting of the couple, standing out in the background, as scarcely dressed that Tiwa seduces him.

What really distinguishes the video is Tiwa, the romanticizing Wizkid or vice versa. There are many touching, kisses, clubs and caresses. In fact, the couple stops doing the real thing in the full light of television viewers. On the track, Wizkid describes Tiwa as the woman he desires, declaring “Starboy for you … Wherever you go, I’ll be your bag.”

Nevertheless, T. Bills tweeted: “Wizkid – my child. He can’t do anything with Tiwa. Don Jazi will never allow it.


Fans react

As soon as the video turned out to be a virus, fans shared their opinions on social networks. Manuche6 tweeted: “Believe me, this video will hurt Tebilc more than the mother of the baby wizkid. They have to keep this guy on suicidal hours.

Another fan commented: “Since they did Ma Luo, there was strong chemistry between them, but what they share in the fever is raw animal magnetism, and languages ​​cannot stop wagging.”

In his tweet, Mortuns 12 said: “Most Nigerians are just too fake and hypocrites. When Harry married divorce (Megan), they were full of joy and did not remember the difference in age. Now that he is divorced from Tiwa, they are all busy with swift dirty mouths and funny enough, some of them make it worse behind closed doors. God bless us “.

For his part, Michael Joseph2 tweeted: “Wizkid is a business man. He (simply) took advantage of the rumors (milling) around him and Tiwa. He is a smart artist.

But then, around the hullabaloo, Tiwa Savage retained sealed lips. All the motives that prompted her to confirm or refute the case with Wizkid proved unsuccessful.

This is all we know about tiwa savage and wizkid.

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