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These Nigerian Youth Corps May Rot Here – Boko Haram

Maryam Umar, a mother of two children, knows the joy and problems associated with raising her children. But her life is much more complicated than such emotions. She also played a daily pandemic to combat oppression, frustration and poverty. She was a stronghold of her older mother, affected by cancer. Throughout her life, she patiently drank because of the decoction given by sadness and suffering.

They were married at a very young age and desperately wanted to give their lives the privileges of education. The side of life that demanded education led him to an irreversible struggle, which ultimately broke her marriage life. She received the highest national diploma, but was expelled from her family home. She is currently supporting children in public service in Damaatura, Yobe, since Boko Haram kidnapped and killed her ex-husband when a terrorist group first invaded Gvo and announced that it was a caliphate.

On the threshold of victory over the falling sufferings of her life, just a breath away from recognizable honor, a tragedy occurred. Arriving in Gvouzu in mid-January to see his children, the car Umar was riding on was attacked by Boko Haram. Other passengers rushed into the neighboring grooves. Umaru is not so lucky. She was captured, making a row among hundreds of anonymous Nigerians in captivity in the hands of Boko Haram.

According to the brothers Maryam, they have yet to inform their sick mother that Boko Haram has kidnapped one of her favorite daughters, and, even worse, the family is not sure if she is alive or not. Investigations conducted by our reporter showed that there are between 600 and 700 young women without a name, a face and a hashtag in the three main factions of Boko Haram operating in the north-east of the country. This number does not include older women and children in captivity. Both prisoners and their families despaired of any chance that they could ever save or negotiate a settlement for prisoners to reunite with their relatives.

“Maryam is poor, she is not the daughter of any influential person, she does not fit into the profile of people who will create hashtags on her behalf,” said a family member.

For example, in the northeast over the past five years, almost a week, there is no invasion, burnout of the community, many prisoners are banned, not even counting officials. The Nigerian army saved thousands of prisoners over the years. However, many victims, especially young women, remain in captivity, because the carrier Boko Haram pays attention to their protection, as they did with girls such as Chibok, Lia Sharibu, etc.

Recently, dozens of men and women were abducted after, on Tuesday, February 18, 2019, a convoy of Kashim Shettim, the governor of Borno, was armed. Branch “Boko Haram.” To date, there is no official confirmation of the actual number of people killed and kidnapped in this incident, not to mention their identity and origin.

Another group of Nigerians was abducted on the eve of the postponed elections on February 15, 2019. Towards the fulfillment of civic duty in Gwoza LGA. These missing persons, along with hundreds of other prisoners of Boko Haram, are rotting in captivity, are not heard, are not noticed by officials, and their families are constantly grieving.

Nigerian Youth Corps May Rot Here

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