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The need for daytime sleep may be early sign of Alzheimer’s disease

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Constant desire to sleep during the day and long NAPs may indicate the development of Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

A study conducted by members of the University of California, ended with a verdict of scientists that the habit of sleeping by day could be a kind of marker of Alzheimer’s disease. If we are not talking about little children or about the night insomnia, and there are no obvious health problems, daytime sleepiness is a symptom that should cause alarm, experts explain. Their arguments are published in Science Translational Medicine.

The link between Alzheimer’s disease and the need of adults in a thorough day-dream was found during the observations of three groups of volunteers – healthy participants, patients with early stage Alzheimer’s, and patients in whom the disease progressed. It turned out that the subjects who were diagnosed with the disease, slept significantly more healthy.

“Alzheimer’s disease destroys the neurons and synaptic connections. In the early stages of disease, when lesions in the brain is still a minor, he needed extra rest to recover. If a person who was not a heavy sleeper, there is a habit of long sleep, is a good reason to visit a neurologist,” says the authors of the project.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about the fact that people who are predisposed to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, you feel fatigue when waking up – it seems that time night of sleep, not enough relaxation, even if sleep is long.

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