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The ketogenic diet can stop lung cancer

Кетогенная диета

Promoted by many celebrities diet was effective when exposed to certain kinds of lung tumors. With the ketogenic diet you can deprive them of the influx of sugar, which is a kind of fuel for cancer.

Containing large amounts of fat and low carbohydrates ketogenic diet in recent years, actively promoted a variety of celebrities. And now it became clear that this style of food can slow down the development of certain tumors. In particular, the diet was effective in controlling malignant tumors in mice that suffered from specific varieties of lung cancer and esophagus called squamocellular carcinoma.

Especially noticeable and significant effect was achieved when the ketogenic diet was associated with receiving medication from diabetes and chemotherapy. Scientists decided to test this on blood tests taken from the man. It turned out that samotyochnaya carcinoma is more vulnerable to reduce sugar level by the effect of the ketogenic diet than other types of cancer. Therefore, in the near future, it is possible, doctors will recommend patients with this tumor go to a specific food in addition to the usual treatment, which will increase the chances of a positive outcome.

The study’s authors from the University of Texas believe that the manipulation of glucose levels could become a new and effective strategy to kill cancer cells. Squamocellular cancer needs sugar, which is for her a kind of fuel, and the less glucose in the diet, the slower the cancer. (READ MORE)

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