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The ability to cause lung disease dirty air is not inferior to Smoking

грязный воздух

A new study has shown that the development of COPD and other lung diseases air pollution leads at the same rate as Smoking cigarettes.

One of the medical problems of the modern society – the growth of worldwide chronic lung diseases not related to Smoking. Scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) believe that such growth is in large measure due to the influence of dirty air, this writes the journal JAMA.

In particular, with the factor of pollution emissions from air experts attribute the development of COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which worsens not only the lungs but also the heart, brain, kidneys, muscles, blood vessels. In particular, the presence of COPD in humans in 5 times increases the risk of heart attack.

“The impact of air pollution on the development of COPD is not inferior in potency cigarettes, which until then was considered the main reason for the development of this disease,” said the authors of the project.

According to who, 80% live in cities people breathe air in which the concentration of harmful substances exceeds all acceptable norms. To find out how much air pollution affects lung function, researchers for 18 years watched life 7 thousand people from six U.S. cities. These observations showed that the increased incidence of COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases correlated with an increase in ozone in the atmosphere. According to scientists, the increase in the proportion of this gas in the air is influenced primarily by natural processes associated with global warming.

“The increase in the concentration of ozone is only three parts per billion led to the fact that the risk of disease COPD grow the same as if all the residents every day for 30 years, smoked a pack of cigarettes,” said the researchers.

How exactly ozone causes the development of lung diseases is not clear – scientists are going to figure it out soon.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about the fact that the impact of dirty air can cause genetic disorders.

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