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Tanzanian Football Referee Banned By Fifa For Accepting Bribe

FIFA banned Tanzanian football refree Oden Charles Mbaga for life, convicting them of accepting illegal payments.

Oden Charles Mbaga becomes the second African arbitrator for so many months that the FIFA Independent Ethics Committee against Bribery will face a ban on life.

Reuters reported to FIFA that Mbaga “took bribes to manipulate several national and international matches in 2009-2012.” Mbaga was also fined $ 200,000.

“The Council of the Independent Ethics Committee recognized Oden Charles Mbagu, a judge associated with the Tanzanian Football Federation, guilty of accepting bribes in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics … and forbade him to engage in any activity related to football (administrative, sports or other) national and international level.

“In addition, a penalty of 200,000 Swiss francs was imposed on Mbabu,” the FIFA statement said.

FIFA said that the investigation into the Mbaga case was launched in July 2018, but Mbaga responded to the ban, informing Reuters that he was the last FIFA interview in 2010.

“This is shocking news for me (sic!). I know nothing about the fact that I was forbidden to participate in football activities for life (sic). I really do not know”.

“I know that FIFA was investigating, and the last time they came to hear me about this case was in 2010. I openly told them that I didn’t know anything about the appointment of matches and have never heard of them since. ”

It is not yet known whether Mbaga is going to appeal the ban.

Tanzanian Football Referee Banned By Fifa

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