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Supreme Court Cancels Presidential Election In Kenyan

Kenya’s Supreme Court annulled the presidential election results last month, citing irregularities, and appointed a new one within 60 days.

The election commission recognized the current winner Uhuru Kenyatta for 1.4 million.

Raila Odinga, Mr. Kenyatta’s opponent, said the committee was “broken” and demanded resignation and accusations.

President Kenyatta said he would respect the court’s decision, but he would also condemn “scam” judges.

Other elections in Africa were canceled or canceled, but it seems that for the first time on the continent a dispute with the opposition against the results of presidential polls was successful.

What’s next with Kenya after invalid elections?
Brave judge who made Kenya story
Friday events that took place
Chief Justice David Maraga said that the elections on August 8 were not “held in accordance with the constitution,” and considers them “invalid, invalid.”

He said that the verdict was upheld by four out of six Supreme Court judges.

This announcement caused the cries of opposition supporters both in the courtroom and outside.

The decision of the court does not attribute any blame to the party or the campaign of President Kenyat.

What did the judges say wrong?

Judge Maraga said that the election commission was unable to “hold presidential elections in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution.”

Kenya’s Supreme Court says no presidential election was held in accordance with the constitution.
The caption under the photograph of the Supreme Court of Kenya says that the presidential elections were not held in accordance with the constitution.
He said that the Commission committed violations “in the transfer of results,” adding that the court would provide details in its full decision within 21 days.

The disgusted judges stated that the alliance with the Nasa opposition, which appealed to the Supreme Court, did not prove that the elections were false.

Elections caused sporadic protests in which at least 28 people died. The vote raised fears of serious political violence – as was the case with the questionnaire surveyed in 2007.

How did the two political parties react?

Odinga, 72, said the decision was “a historic day for the people of Kenya and for the peoples of the African continent.”

He said: “Now it’s clear that the whole [election commission] is broken.

“It is clear that the real election results have never been communicated to Kenyans. Someone must take responsibility. ”

Copyright Notice for AFP Raila Odinga (C)
The photo caption Rail Oding (C) is happy to respond in the courtroom
Mr. Odinga added: “We won the election and get it again.”

President Kenyatta said in his televised speech that “it is important to respect the rule of law, even if you disagree with the decision of the Supreme Court.”

Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya’s Digital President
Raila Odinga is a man whom Kenyans love or hate
He called for peace, saying: “Your neighbor will still be your neighbor, no matter what happened … My main message for every Kenyan today is peace. Let’s be the people of the world. ”

Image copyright GETTY IMAGES Uhuru Kenyatta, March 10, 2013
Signed under the image of Uhuru Kenyatta, who has been in power since 2013. He won a second term during a poll last month that was declared invalid.
55-year-old Mr. Kenyatta added: “We are ready to return to people with the same program that we gave to people.”

The president was more violent at a rally of supporters in the market in Nairobi.

He referred to Judge Maragu and his judges as a vacuor (Swahili swindlers), saying that they “decided to cancel the election.” He warned the chief judge that since the poll was canceled, he now became president, not the elected president.

“Do you understand me? Maraga should know that he is now dealing with a president who is in power, ”Kenyatta said.

“We are closely watching them, but let’s first deal with the elections, we are not afraid.”

And the election commission?

President Vafula Chebukati took note of the verdict and said that there would be “personal changes” before the new elections.

He invited the director of the prosecutor’s office to “bring to responsibility each of our employees who may be involved in violations.”

But he ruled out the resignation, stating that he was not charged with a crime.

What did international observers tell me?

After the elections, international observers from the EU, the African Union and the United States stated that there were no serious frauds on election day, and called on Mr. Oding to make concessions.

On Friday, the head of the EU observation mission, Martie Sahake, said the court decision was “a historic day for Kenya, and we always said that people who feel offended should go to court.”

She said that observers pointed out violations at the time and called on the Kenyan authorities to fix them.

Mrs. Shaake said that observers are waiting for details of the decision.

Raila Odinga will feel satisfied with the accusation that he is just a loser, questioning President Kenyatta’s victory.

However, this historic decision is a massive accusation of the election commission. Not surprisingly, the NASA opposition coalition is now calling for a new team to manage the next election.

It is also a failure for international and some local election observers, who generously rated the elections as free, fair and trustworthy.

People will be watching the reaction of former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who led the mission of the American non-governmental organization Carter Center, whose positive assessment of the election was used in court.

Regardless of the winners and losers after the verdict, this is a moment of pride for Kenya. Disputes and debates about the merits of the elections were held in the Supreme Court, and not on the streets.

The judge of the Supreme Court, Maraga, said this best of all in his opening statement: “The size of the nation consists of loyalty to the constitution and strict adherence to the rule of law.”

Presidential Election In Kenyan

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