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Stay Clear From Our Territory | Oodua People Congress to Biafra

The Oodua People’s Congress warned the indigenous people of Biafra against an attack on any Yoruba territory in connection with the alleged attack on Igbo in the state of Lagos after the election of the President and the National Assembly.

The president of OPC, Rasak Arogunda, issued a warning in a statement made for SUNDAY PUNCH in Lagos.

Arogundade’s statement was in response to an earlier statement from IPOB advertising secretary Emma Powerful, who claimed that Igbo residents living in the state of Lagos were attacked during the last presidential elections and national assemblies and could not vote for the candidates they chose.

A spokesman for IPOB said the attack could have been organized by one Fulani against Igbo, who, he said, was the victim of such attacks in some parts of the country.

The head of OPC said that, unlike the statements of Mighty, that nowhere in the state of Lagos or any part of the land of Yoruba was there an Igbo stronghold, arguing that such statements were not true.

The statement says: “Igbo again shows the lack of satisfaction and recognition of divine virtue in his life.” Where in Igbolande are strangers who enjoy the privileges offered by Igbo in Lagos and Yorubaland? Igbo lived peacefully in Lagos and throughout Yorubaland over the centuries. and ownership of the property without any hindrance.

“There is not a single Igbo fortress in Lagos or any other part of Yorubaland to correct, there are areas with a high concentration of Igbo residents who live together with other immigrants and indigenous people.”

He stated that Igbo was always treated well, and he had the opportunity to be elected to the National Assembly in Lagos and was represented on the executive board.

“It is no coincidence that Yorubaland (southwestern Nigeria) is the quietest part of Nigeria. Relative peace is not fear and cowardice, but the deliberate policy of our ancestors, who after many battles decided to lead a peaceful and communal life. ”

“The fact that we are hospitable and kind should not be perceived as a weakness or a sign of shyness, because OPC is fully prepared to repel any attack on Yoruba territory from any quarter,” added Arogundade.

Oodua People Congress to Biafra

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