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SDP Describes INEC Performance As Shamboric

The governor of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Cross River, Eio Ekpo, said that the results of the work of the Independent State Electoral Commission (INEC) in the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 23 were insane.

Ekpo announced this in an interview for News of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Calabar.

He said that there is sufficient institutional experience that INEC should develop in 1999-2015.

He said that the logistics were completely unacceptable, and in the typical Nigerian style no one got out of justice.

“INEC in 2019 has enough resources to use existing experience, but it failed.

“I would like INEC to improve the delivery of materials, and then there is a Nigerian post office (NIPOST) in all local government offices, but if someone is going to ask NIPOST if they can use the logistics base to deliver materials for elections , no one”.

“In addition, election rules were very poor, people were busy helping others, and training for election officials was too short.”

“I think that INEC should have known that you cannot hold elections in Nigeria unless you devote a certain number of days to preparation, and you must know the number of days to date.”

“I don’t think that security is a problem, you have to look at the country, how many incidents you saw, how many were fired due to violence, not so much, I think the police coped pretty well,” he said.

However, Ekpo said that he was not surprised by the low score that his party won in the presidential election, because the damage had already been done to Donald Duke, who was the presidential candidate from the SDP.

“About half the time spent on the campaign, the Duke was not even a candidate, and it was only about January 20 that the Court of Appeal announced that by that time it could take a few more days.”

“So I think that he really didn’t have the opportunity to campaign and score that he won at Cross River, he was on his own,” he said.

NAN reports that the SDP had the third largest number of votes in the Cross River with 1395 votes, the NDP had 295,737, and the AIC had 117,302 votes. (NAN)

SDP Describes INEC Performance

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