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Rev. Mbaka Makes Speech Concerning Buhari’s Victory

I listen to Mbaki Live No Ego. He told about the victory of Bukhari. Here are some of the things he said ……

1. He began by praising God for songs and praises for his answer to prayer.

2. According to him, if Atiku wins the elections, the ministry of adoration will be closed.

3. He said that because of Peter Obi, the world insulted the altar of God. According to him, the God Elijah and Elisha is his God. Mahakah said that in the time of Elijah people listened to him. He said that God’s Elijah – it was his God who asked how many lions would kill someone before you called him the killer of lions.

4. He said that he told Peter Obi the truth, and many expected him to write words to call him a true prophet. According to him, he said that the spirit of prophecy had been with him since childhood. He said that the point is not to be a reverend father, but everyone has a gift. He asked Nigerians to learn to respect the gift of people.

5. Speaking further, he said that the spirit that would be president came from the altar. He told the Nigerians to learn from this lesson. He also said that people say prophecy for money, but they do not know the man Mbaka. Mbaka said there is no financial benefit from all the prophecies.

6. He said that there is no way to insult the altar of God (Elijah) and leave with impunity. According to him, his altar is the altar of Elijah. He recalled how he told the charisma over the past two weeks that Peter Obi / Atiku would not get it.

7. He said that he is not an official INEC. According to him, after the match, some people will criticize the referee.

8. He remembered what happened during his elementary school. According to him, during elementary school, cherubim prophets came to their school and asked their teachers to give them from a few minutes to an hour to see him because of the prophecy. In the end, all the prophecies will come true.

9. He also said that prophecy does not come from Him. He never knew how it was, but from God. According to him, he spoke against Abah during the time of Abakh. Some church members and pastors attacked him until they rose to the pulpit and prophecy on Wednesday that Abacha would die the next day. A brigadier general called him from Aso Rock and asked him about the prophecy. He told him that he did not say it, but the Holy Spirit said it. The consultants said he should close his mouth. He told them to wait until tomorrow. He said the same way. He said that when he told all these people, he did not know how this was happening, but the spirit said so. He said that the Catholic Church is a prophetic church and should be respected. He also remembered saying that Yaradua would die.

10. He said that he would in no way lead you to his altar, and he said that you would win without any strength.

11. He said that he wanted to prove to the whole world that God was in the Catholic Church. Speaking further, you must respect the prophets. Die and wake up every time. Speaking further, he argued that the prophet does not eat what others eat. A prophet can remain without food for two or more weeks. He remembered returning $ 500,000 donated by Peter Obi (he said that this has consequences when the prophet rejects your gift).

He showed that gifts are something more than he / she is even afraid of gifts. If we talk further, then the language of the Holy Spirit is understood only when the Holy Spirit is inside you.

12. He said that what happened to Atiku / Ob is spiritual. According to him, he saw Atika face down, and Bukhari was smiling in the spiritual world. Mahakah said he is a covenant, and he doesn’t care what people say. He gave the example of the prophets Baal and Elijah in the Bible. He also said that priests came to him and called him to forgive Peter Ob. He told them that he had forgiven him, but could not win the election. He said that his team was a winning team, and he reminded them how he told the people in Enugu that Bukhari would win with or without their votes. He said that worship is too sacred and enchants with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. He remembered how he had recently gone to Lagos, and the priests were arguing about his prophecy. He told them that he should wait until February (that is, when he learns about the authenticity of the prophecy). He asked what would happen to all the people who say that he should be punished if Atiku wins. He also said that this is the beginning of Peter Ob’s political collapse if the ministry doesn’t adore or apologize.

Details later

Mbaka Makes Speech

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