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Prepare Because We Will Probe You – Apc Senators Tells Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki will follow his term when the new Senate opens in June in the senators rating, he said on Sunday in an interview with the Daily Trust.

Senators, who returned to the upper legislative chamber in presidential elections and national assemblies last week, said the Senate would be interested to know how Saraki managed his resources and managed national budgets for four years as president.

Saraki became president of the 8th Senate in 2015 due to the contradictory circumstances that led to a split between the Federal Government and the Congress of All Progressives (APC), which was dominated by the Red Chamber of the Assembly.

Then the President of the Senate left the ruling AIC due to irreconcilable differences and joined the People’s Democratic Party (NDP).

However, he lost his candidacy for re-election and the opportunity to return to the Senate when he was defeated last week in a contest for the Senate district in Kwara Central. Yesterday, a senator from the rating told the Daily Trust on Sunday that the retired president of the senate could be checked to see if he had been charged for four years, which he had watched over the senate.

To prevent this, the legislature declared that Saraki would be ready to support a candidate who would not give in to requests that would be considered President of the Senate.

“There is an opportunity to investigate him (Saraki) if there are any crimes, but we know that he would prefer a person who does not check him.” Thus, among the rivals Saraki can choose someone whom he considers close.

“But the truth is that if violations are found, we will put pressure on the investigation of the presidency of the Senate of Sarak, if we do not have any influence on him.

“We will consider the issues of budget support and how our internal budget is spent over four years,” said the Senator, who won the re-election, on Sunday to the Daily Trust on anonymous terms.

Another senator, who spoke separately about the planned investigation, said that the new Senate would ask Saraceks questions on many issues.

“Obviously, the new leadership will check how it managed the resources of the National Assembly.” It would be an internal question, because the legislator is independent. The Senate will also consider ways to avoid excesses, such as sabotaging the executive branch by stopping or refusing to act on current accounts, he said.

Another deputy also accused Saraki of working for his supporters in leadership positions in the Senate and House of Representatives, a movement that said they had discovered and will be releasing.

He said that Saraki went so far as to protect his interests and continues to influence things in the country, even when they do not have power.

“We found that immediately after his defeat in the Senate elections in Kvar, the President of the Senate began working to make him looting new leaders in the National Assembly to protect their hegemony,” he said.

“He is already talking to many senators who have received a different mandate … and this is from the APC, which has the majority, and from the NDP. He wants them to have a new president of the Senate, but he also did not refuse to return, ”he added.

He said that they were working hard to see that all those suspected of working for him were not close to the main office of the National Assembly.

No comment – Saraki representative

When they contacted him to respond to the likelihood of an investigation in the Presidium of the Senate, his special media and adviser, Yusuf Olanion, refused to comment, saying that there was no response to the request.


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