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Potato broth helps against some diseases

Картофельный отвар

Potatoes – the most popular vegetable among Russians. Make a variety of dishes. Some experts write about the useful properties of this vegetable, some don’t.

Despite this, after the end of the seventeenth century the potato was brought to Russia, he began to prepare kvass, jelly and juices.

Experts told about another useful property of the potato, namely, water, which remains after the vegetable is cooked.

It was believed that the potato decoction can help in various diseases, for example colds or vitamin deficiency.

Just recently a group of German scientists from the Institute of nutrition confirmed the beneficial properties of the potato broth. They called this water “broth of Hippocrates”.

According to them, it turned out that this is a universal remedy. If, in their opinion, to drink the broth from the potatoes in the skin (in uniform), it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse the intestines of mucus, and also it is used for arthritis.

“Regular consumption of potato broth will help to normalize the blood pressure and colds over the decoction should breathe, covered with a towel”, say the researchers.

But, like any auxiliary therapeutic agents, the broth has its contraindications, it can not be used for people suffering from diabetes, low blood pressure and allergies.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about new findings dentists that proved that frequent consumption of potatoes kills our teeth.

Author: Chibyke

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