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Some People Wants to Kill Me – Lagos Gov. Candidate

Babatunde Gbadamosi, candidate for governor of Lagos, fears for his life and has gone to social networks to shout that his life is in danger and that some people want to kill him.

In his words, “In this same state of Lagos, when it was probable that engineer Funsho Williams won the 2007 elections, he was killed by” unknown persons. “I want the world to know now that some political figures in the state of Lagos are making plans to kill me if they can not stop me democratically. “

Funsho Williams relied on police protection, but he was still killed, in fact, the same night he went to file a formal complaint with the police at the Onikan Zone 2 headquarters about a threat to his life, he did not live to see the next day.

My would-be assassins will soon send their henchmen to come and troll this ad, to make me look like I’m crying wolf, just as they did with Funsho.

My life is at risk, but I will not give in to the search to free Lagos State from the current SLAVE MASTERS.

Some People Wants to Kill Me

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