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Crisis In Lagos As Buhari Defeats Atiku

A policeman, two were afraid of death, others were injured, Igbo businessmen were attacked, forced to take an oath to vote for the APC in the elections for governor

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A policeman and two traders yesterday feared death as a result of the crisis that erupted in the areas of Okomomaiko and Lagos Island in Lagos State after President Muhammad Bukhariego announced the winner of the Saturday election.

Another police officer, a sergeant who was attacked by hooligans in Alaba Rago, was still undergoing treatment during this report. Several other people received various injuries as a result of panic.

Residents of Lügbe and road users on a busy road at the airport of the federal capital of Abuja also did not stand aside because they panicked after supporters of President Muhammad Bukhari gathered in large numbers to block the main high way to celebrate his victory. ,

Protesters armed with sticks and other dangerous weapons, including brooms, barricaded all the way, making it impossible to drive vehicles. Protesters who went crazy made drivers and other residents say that “Sai Baba” attacked anyone who refused to carry out their orders.

The investigation revealed that the participant of the holiday, who was also waving the coffin with PDP inscriptions and colors, noticed unhealthy vehicles stuck in the snaps caused by the barricade with the police in Lugbe and the car wash stops in the opposite direction. Earlier, protesters lit a fire on the road and mocked the people whom anti-BTR called Sai Baba, threatening to kill them if they refused.

The situation forced some road users to turn back to avoid anger, while some parents were in a hurry to choose children from schools in the area.

The situation was the same at the main entrance to the FCT, the City Gate, where another group of celebrities also assembled road blocks, chanting a female sai at the foot of an iron broom built at the City Gate. Also in area 1, road participants were forced to tell Sai Baba before they were allowed to continue their journey.

They also blocked the road connecting area 2 and area 10, causing severe corrosion on the road.

Crisis In Lagos As Buhari Defeats Atiku

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