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How Communism In China Started | Brief History & Origin

Mao Zedong is the Founder of Communism in china. Mao Zedong is a very intelligent Chinese who was poorly educated. When Zedong went out of his hometown, he joined the Nationalist Army whose resolution took place in 1911. This man eventually became very powerful. Marxism Philosophy influenced him.

Acceptance Of Karl Marx Communism In China

In 1900, when Boxer Rebellion(A period when China got rid of all Christians, missionaries & foreigners) was still much active, Some Chinese Citizens where experiencing Poverty, grief and starvation. Many lost their lives. This paved way for the acceptance of Karl Marx Communistic’s Philosophy and Zedong’s way of live.
At this stage, Most Chinese citizens began to participate in politics and revolutionary groups because they wanted to change their countries status. During this Revolution period which took place around (1914 to 1918, there were several movements, which led to communism.

Due to these set backs, Mao’s way of live was generally accepted by the Chinese. 85% percent of the Chinese population (mostly poor farmers) were solid behind him. The study of Marxism was headed by Zedong after which the China Communist Party was introduced by one of his society member. After the Nationalists suffered a terrible defeat from the army, Mao Zedong became the boss of the communists. Christopher Van De Merwe in a statement said “The Chinese gave Mao Zedong all the support he needed because the loved him also because they needed better changes for the peasants.”

Production and common ownership is the aim of traditional communism. Communism in China began like a journey into rational eschatology. Due to its nature, communism was dis-regarded leaving tyranny & atheism still standing. Marx in a speech said “Man’s final stage in life is the state of equity and Man’s Worth is as a result of his efforts.

Communism is an enemy to only christian but also an anti to any deity.

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