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How To Install Adobe Flash Player On Ubuntu Os For Web Browser

If you need to watch videos on your browser, then you have to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin. Some of the websites we have today, does not require Adobe flash because their operation is based on HTML5. How ever, there are still some websites out their that still needs it.

This article will act as a guidance and will teach you how to properly download and set up Adobe flash Player on your Ubuntu Powered web browser. For this tutorial, we will make use of the Command Line Method.

After running some commands and applying the procedure given in this article, we were able to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system Flash Player on firefox.

How To Install Adobe Flash Play On Ubuntu

Procedure1: Make Sure Ubuntu Conical partner Repository is Enabled.

Before a flash player intallation is carried out, you must give room for Canonical Partners repository on your Pc. In most systems, Canonical Partners repository is Disabled by default. To enable this option, quickly enter the short cut key [Ctrl+Alt+D] to access ubuntu Terminal. Ensure you enter the command below as root.

You will be prompted to provide your root password before the repository installation occurs.
Install Adobe Flash Player
Enter the following command “$ sudo apt update” in order to update your pc repository to the latest version.
Adobe Flash Player For Web Browser
Congrats, your system repository is now updated to the latest Canonical Partners.

Procedure 2: Make Proper Use of Apt Package While Installing Any Flash Plugin.
In the linux terminal, enter the command below as sudo;
Install Adobe Flash Player For On Ubuntu
Before the flash plugin installation begins, you will be prompted to abort or accept [Y/n]. Once you accept (choose Y) then the plugin will be installed.
Enter the command “$ exit” to exit the terminal.

Procedure 3: Using Adobe’s Website to Install The Flash Player.
Open your Web browser, Search on google for the keyword “”, Click on the first result as shown below;
flash player plugin installation
Verify an Animation running in the window by scrolling down till point5, In case you don’t find any animations, select the option labelled as “Run-Adobe Flash on animation window” and allow the screen pop up notification. e.g

Click on the Allow button. And your Adobe Flash Player is Installed.

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