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If I Become Governor I Will Campaign For Commissioner Positions – Tony Nwulu

Commissioners will be notified and only qualified individuals will be appointed if the Progressive United Party, UPP candidate candidate, the Honorable Tony Nwulu, is elected the next Governor of Imo State.

Nvulu took the oath during the ongoing campaign in 27 local governments.

He said vacancy announcements for commissioners and other political posts in his government would be announced and published.

He said that every Imolite, regardless of membership in a political party or party status, will be able to apply for any position of commissioner of his choice.

He promised that the international recruitment agency would be hired to carry out the recruitment process, ensuring the appointment of only those who have the appropriate qualifications and best confirms that he is capable and qualified.

Nvulu added that this would exclude the possibility of appointing members of the commission and other political appointments, as was the case with previous governments.

He also said that this is a unique opportunity for politicians and non-politicians to serve their state.

He said that this measure is aimed at attracting the best minds that will complete his plans to change the place of Imo State and put him on the path of economic prosperity.

He added that he also designed to install round pegs in round holes to ensure that Imo State gets the best recruitment of experts in various areas of human endeavor to help restore unmanaged years.

He said that the time of the fatherhood of God, which was the highest in the state, had passed. He pointed out that this measure also applies to members of his political party, the UPP, stating that members of other political parties who may qualify for nomination may also qualify for any position chosen by them in their government.

He said: “This is consistent with the message of my campaign, called Mezie Imo, which means creating or restoring Imo State.

“There will be no favoritism in the nominations, such days have passed.” Expressions will not be used in appointing commissioners or political appointments in my government.

“Members of my political party, UPP, will go through the application process for positions in the Cabinet of Ministers. Members of other political parties are also invited to submit applications, and if they are found to meet the requirements of the international recruitment agency that will carry out their interaction process, they will be appointed. ” commissioners or other positions.

Nvulu said that the task of restoring the IMO state is a serious business and a collective task for virtuous imitations, and not the privilege of a few chosen ones.

He noted that the state of Imo possesses enormous human resources capable of seizing the country in the heyday of prosperity, and this can be achieved only if the best and those who are engaged in the restoration of the state are appointed to government posts.

He assured that the process of attracting those who will serve his government will be open and transparent so that only qualified people will be brought on board to help his administration return the state from further social and economic ruin.

I Will Campaign For Commissioner Positions

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