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I Was Once Dead , No Man Can Kill Me – Adeboye

The General Supervisor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has advised Christians to remain connected to God to overcome the challenges of life and have dominion over all the forces of darkness and disease.

Adeboye gave the warning while delivering his sermon labeled “A Branch of Life,” on the second day of the ongoing annual conference of the Holy Spirit of the church that takes place in the Redemption Field, Lagos-Ibadan Highway.

The man of God, quoting copiously from the Scriptures during the healing service, explained that Jesus Christ is the Vine, while every true believer is the branch and has the nature of God in him. Adeboye, however, urged the participants to stand firm on the vine, emphasizing that God has assured them to do greater works than they did while on earth.

I Was Once Dead , No Man

In his words: “Jesus Christ is the vine while we are the branches. He is the combination of divinity and humanity. As the vine is, also the branches. “If you are a true Christian, you are a combination of humanity and divinity. You are human, but you are made to participate in the divine nature of God and He will provide the necessary strength, the power you need to do your deeds.

Each branch of the vine can do what the vine can do. ” Pastor Adeboye recalled how he went to the bathroom 23 times in a day after having eaten on one of his missionary trips to an unnamed African country years ago, and pointed out that God needed it through the prayer of faith so that they will cure According to him: “I did not know what I was eating, but I saw myself going to the bathroom.

After the 23rd time, I realized that I needed to address the issue with prayer. But who will pray for me? Then I put my hands on me and prayed. That’s how I was healed. ” He made reference to the healing while encouraging the congregation to pray for themselves, emphasizing that each child of God is a branch of the vine with human and divine nature.

Adeboye narrated the story of how Jesus slept in a boat while there was a storm that indicated human nature in him while he was on earth. “But the same Jesus who slept, rose up to rebuke the wind, indicating his divine nature. Jesus was completely human and completely divine when he was on earth. “He also said that since believers are extensions of Jesus as their branches,” we share the divine nature and are able to do what God said we could do.

While we are linked to him and connected to him, we have the ability to do everything he said we could do. “Once I told my children that nobody can kill me because I’m already dead. I have been crucified with Christ, however I live. Because Jesus is living in the believer, his blood flows in the believer. On the outside it may seem that it is not so, but in reality the blood that flows in you is the blood of Jesus.

Revelation 12: 10-11, indicates that blood has enough power to overcome the devil. “If you can only believe, the blood that flows in you now can overcome any germ, virus or mortal thing,” he said. Adeboye noticed that there are several things that science can not explain because those things are not happening in the realm of humanity, they are happening in the divinity. When remembering how a doctor who was on the verge of death was cured when taking Holy Communion, he said: “What is called illness or disease will be consumed by the Blood of Jesus.

Because Christ is in you and the Blood flows in your vein, the disease is not allowed in you. “The General Supervisor of RCCG, who said that he has just returned from a mission trip to some West African countries, told them to the participants who have the ability to do what He could do because the same spirit that resides in Him also resides in them while they belong to Jesus, according to him, “from here you can go home and heal the sick. that I have while we surrender to God, “underlining” the Bible did not say that the signs will only follow the General Supervisor, but those who believe.

“Some also think that they do not have enough faith to do certain things, I used to believe that everything in the Bible is true, but I think I could not do those things because I did not have enough faith, so I would fast and ask God to increase my But the Lord sat me one day and asked me some questions.

“He asked me, ‘son, do you think there is a God?’ I said yes “Have you seen it before?” I remained silent, how do you know, then, that there is a God? Do you think Jesus is the son of God? “I told him that I believe and he asked me if you were there when was born. I kept quiet and he kept asking some other questions and said: why do you say you do not have faith?

“It takes a strong faith to believe that there is a God, that Jesus is the son of God and that He will come again – Adeboye stated.

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