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How much honey in a day can eat man, told doctors


Health professionals talked about how much honey a day can eat person.

They added that the fascination with Mead or biting the honey alcoholic beverages can cause cirrhosis of the liver.

Besides, as writes RIA “news” the doctors told me about how much honey can be consumed for the day. They noted that the belief that honey is beneficial in all respects, and have it in large quantities without harm to health, the wrong.

According to the Professor of the Department of outpatient therapy sechenovskiy University, doctor of medical Sciences Alexey Bauerova, honey can be eaten without fear for their health, only in the morning and only in the amount of two tablespoons.

He recalled the useful properties of this product, which contains antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of cells, vitamins and fructose, which are the source of energy.

Dietitian, therapist Elena Tikhomirov added that the stories about the great benefits of honey are exaggerated, as tangible benefits in the amounts recommended by experts, it is just a treat.

“Honey a lot of carbohydrates, so a high-calorie product. If to benefit, it must be eaten in huge quantities, which can lead to diseases associated with obesity”, she added.

She concluded that you should remember about contraindications is obesity or allergic reactions.

Recall, today celebrated Honey spas. From that day, August 14, starts the collection of honey.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that Russia threatens a dangerous honey.

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