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Fatty foods disrupts the mechanisms of satiety and leads to overeating

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Scientists have established that consuming foods that are high in fat, your body does not becomes saturated and continues to feel hungry, encouraging people to overeat.

The conclusion that fatty foods disrupts the mechanisms of satiety, was made by American scientists from Baylor medical College. They found that consumption of fatty food alters the production of leptin – a hormone responsible for feeling full and stopping of the meal.

Researchers experimenting with laboratory mice that were fed fatty foods. Scientists have discovered that under conditions of fatty food animals have increased production of gastric inhibitory polypeptide hormone produced by the intestine and affect the energy balance of the body.

It turned out that when the concentration of this hormone in the blood, the brain begins to produce less of the satiety hormone leptin. The result is mice that have decreased leptin synthesis, began to experience problems with to eat. They began to absorb more food that first led to weight gain and then to obesity.

The authors state: only a balanced diet protects the body from growth hormone affecting the mechanisms of production of leptin, and thus prevents the development of overeating and a set of extra pounds.

Earlier Magicforum wrote from om, why according to nutritionists fat Russian children.

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