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Fatty foods deceives the brain

Жирная пища

She turns off the signals of saturation, which inform us of the need to stop eating. As a result, the person continues to load yourself with calories which leads to overeating.

We often suggest to listen to their bodies more closely in matters of health and eating. However, this is not always justified, especially in the case when we think about the necessity of the second portion for lunch or dinner. American scientists have found that food with high fat content stops the transmission of signals to the brain informing him about the saturation. Such conclusions were made in the course of research using laboratory mice. That is why lovers of fatty foods face the overeating that leads to weight gain and obesity. Open a new fragment in the complex mosaic of how our bodies control energy balance and how it affects weight.

Observations have shown that fat diet mice showed elevated levels glukagonovykh insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP). This hormone is produced in the intestine and is involved in the control of energy balance. Found that excessive amount of GIP is a blood to the brain, and the hormone inhibits the action of leptin that is a hormone of satiety. If this hormone does not work, we continue to feel hunger and eat food, although in reality all energy needs are already filled.

If the interaction of GIP with the brain was blocked, it restored the ability of leptin to suppress appetite, which in the short term have led to the loss of excess weight in mice. Leptin is made by fatty cages, it is extremely important for weight control, not only in animals but also in humans. (READ MORE)

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