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Fake Mirace: South African Pastor Fakes The Ressurection Of a Dead Man

South African Pastor Fakes The Ressurection Of a Dead Man.

The man who was resurrected by the Prophet Alf N Lukau was allegedly arrested in accordance with his former employer.

Since then, the man has been identified as Elliot / Brighton, following the “miracle” in Johannesburg, South Africa, which according to many was put to the test.

Now one of Brighton’s former employers revealed the scope of his fraud and was arrested.

The citizen said that Azania Mosaka had an interview with Vincent, whom Brighton worked at a wood factory in Pretoria. According to Vincent, Brighton was arrested on Tuesday, February 26.

In a conversation with Azania Mosaka during Tuesday’s show 702, a man named Vincent confirmed that his other employees told him that Brighton had been arrested and that at this stage they had no further details.

“I got a message from one of the guys who works for me who knows Brighton, I think they arrested him today,” said Vincent.

“Can you imagine his life? He worked for me, he died, he was resurrected, and now he was arrested,” Vincent joked.

He went further to confirm that Brighton had indeed been an employee of his woodworking factory in Pretoria, where he had worked until recently and looked quite healthy when he was last in service.

According to Vincent, this was not the first case in which Brighton was part of what he allegedly pretended to be in a wheelchair, so that the pastor could “heal” him from the crowd.

His employer described him as a very intelligent man who, sadly, liked to lie.

Different social media users also shared old photos from Brighton and it looks like he previously worked with the pastor as his operator.

See Photos below:-

Pastor Fakes The Ressurection Of a Dead Man

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