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Experts recommend that patients with type 2 diabetes new diet

Белковая диета

A group of researchers from the Bispebjerg hospital (Denmark) in collaboration with the staff of the Aarhus and University of Copenhagen offer your patients a completely new diet.

According to them, for patients with diabetes of the 2nd type is characterized by a low content of carbohydrates with high content of protein and fat, thereby improving glycemic control (the ability to regulate blood sugar levels).

The research is published in Diabetologia. Experts explain that the new diet is contrary to generally accepted dietary recommendations for these patients.

The study lasted 12 weeks. It involved 28 patients in hospitals Bispebjerg with diabetes of the 2nd type. Within 6 weeks, the patients followed a standard diabetic diet, and during the other 6 weeks.

The researchers came to the conclusion that a diet with reduced carbohydrate, high protein and moderately high fat diet improves glycemic control by reducing the level of blood sugar.

According to doctors, when the patient follows this diet, he reduced the contents of fat in the liver. Also low carbohydrate diet has a beneficial effect on fat metabolism. It is useful for patients with diabetes of the 2nd type, even if does not lead to weight loss.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that wikopedia diet helps keep the lost weight.

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