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Doctors-ENT specialists urge not to use cotton buds for the ears

ватные палочки

Experts of the American Academy of otolaryngology state: accidentally leaving a piece of cotton wool from a stick in the ear, can cause dangerous inflammation.

The doctors once again made an appeal to abandon the use of cotton swabs to clean the ears. According to them, these sticks were created not for the ears, and on their packages often even specifies that these products cannot be used on the inner parts of the ear, nose, and eyes. Habit of modern people to clean the ears with cotton sticks, experts say, is the scourge of the 21st century.

Representatives of the American Academy of otolaryngology reminded that sulfur, which is usually so hard trying to get rid of the chopsticks needed by the body as a protective barrier against impurities and bacteria. Ruthlessly cleaning out wax from ears, people gives pathogens a free, no secure “log in” to your body

It is especially dangerous when using chopsticks accidentally leave a piece of cotton wool in the ear, said the experts

“Cotton balls, located on the end of sticks, unable to stay in the ear canal. One of the reviewed cases resulted in fatal otogenny meningitis and brain abscess, which occurred through the fault of the left ear canal of cotton”, – the report says the Academy.

It experts warn that people who often clean their ears with cotton sticks, almost always formed a huge ear plugs. In addition, when using q-tips increases the risk of damaging the eardrum to trigger inflammation inside the ear, with possible development of otitis media.

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