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Diseased brain cancer woman 10 years took his symptoms for chronic fatigue


32-year-old British woman Emily Corrigan ten years believed that suffers from chronic fatigue, while impair as her symptoms were manifestations of brain cancer.

This story happened to a resident of the English town Milton Keynes, told the publication the Sun. 32-year-old mother of four children Emily Corrigan often complained about the moments of intense discomfort is a very pronounced fatigue, dizziness, headaches. According to the woman, she often had the feeling that her head hurts from tension and painful spasm, and sometimes she experienced utter impotence.

At the same time mother was convinced that her episodes of illness are a consequence of stress associated with early motherhood.

“I was sure that because we all have mothers,” admitted Emily.

In 2015, one day a woman suddenly deteriorated very significantly and she was in the hospital. Examination showed that the woman’s brain is developing astrocytoma. Since then, Emily has undergone two operations on the brain, 30 sessions of radiotherapy and is now undergoing chemotherapy. The Briton said that she shared her story, so she became an example for others. Emily urged not to ignore the symptoms of excessive fatigue.

Magicforum previously wrote about the case when an unusual reaction to drinking wine helped the woman to discover they had cancer.

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