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Difference between music and a song

Most people believe that music and a song means same thing. Well this article will help you understand the differences between “Music” and a “Song”

What is the difference between music and a song?

I once asked this same question a long time ago on reddit, “If it’s only produced with instruments, it’s music. But if someone is singing it, it’s a song. Now I’m confused. I used to be curious. Why is there no “music” equivalent?”

Here were the answers i got. I think these Answers will be of help to you.

1) the music describes all the songs, a song is one of the many that are described as music

2) I’m not sure where you got those definitions. Music is a general term, while “song” refers to a specific musical composition. It does not matter if it is produced with instruments or if there is someone singing. An instrumental song is still a song. A cappella music is still music.

3) Music is for a song as literature is for a novel.

Music is a very broad category that describes practically any rhythmic and / or melodic sound. (There are many arguments for what constitutes ‘music’, but that is not incredibly important here.) A song is a specific subset of music: a discrete piece of music that includes a part or vocal parts.

There are other similar categories of different specificities for the types of music: concert, symphony, aria, instrumental, prelude, escape, etc. This is analogous to the various forms of literature: novel, novel, work, poem, sonnet, etc.

4) What you are referring to can be called “composition” or “musical piece”. And “song” may be acceptable too.

“Music” is just the term for the concept of, well, music.

5) Music tends to be the specific set of instruments, however, a song can be many things, instruments with letters or spoken words, or many things that I think is just that the music is more specific.

6) The general definition of a “song” is a musical piece with words that accompany it.

Anything else is a “piece” or a “composition”, or if it comes from a jazz tradition, a “melody”.

This is a generalization, I’m sure there are cases where the definitions would change. But my first statement is what I learned in music history class.

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