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Developed a means of healing the internal wounds

Внутренние раны

Experts from two schools of Harvard (USA) school of engineering and applied Sciences and Institute of biological inspiration Weiss has made a unique discovery. They created a sprayable hydrogel that heals inner wounds.

A group of researchers managed to make a breakthrough in medicine because this drug is how to heal open wounds on the outer surface of the organs, and acts inside the body.

In particular, the new drug is able to eliminate the injury in the gastrointestinal tract.

The basis for the new medicines produced by bacteria such as a strain of E. Coli. When interacting with proteins CsgA and TFFs proteins, also called human trefoil factors, it gives the effect of quick healing.

Trefoil factors in turn are the cells of the intestine and create mucus. Due to this scientists were able to make a substance fixed on the surface of the mucous membranes.

It was the first experience of scientists. They went further and developed several drugs, but in changing their composition.

Now the action of these drugs can help not only the intestines but also in other internal organs.

Author: Chibyke

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