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Computer, a Solarium and reduce eye strain vision


Every modern man faced with eye problems. After the study, doctors were able to identify three main habits, affecting eyesight and causing unintended consequences.

According to experts, the recent trend is the increase in eye disease in young people, she devotes a lot of time computers and smart phones that have adverse effects on vision. One of the main factors that negatively affect vision, – excessive time at the computer. Will not save the situation even modern screens that do not threaten dangerous radiation. The researchers found that by 2050, with diseases of the eyes can face, about 5 billion people on the planet because of the impact of modern displays.

The human eye is designed to focus at far distances, not for examining objects up close, experts said. The computer affects vision, because the muscles that control the eyes and focusing them on a particular subject are too tired from the constant exertion. Eye fatigue may receive during any activities where the participation of the vision, but it is highest is during the operation of the monitor.

For vision is considered and destructive UV rays. Solarium – long stay under sun rays can cause premature cataracts. Ultraviolet light can cause clouding of the lens of the eye.

You should not ignore such problems as the initial stage of myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia. If the ophthalmologist has prescribed glasses, you do not need to refuse them. Vision reduces eye strain, say doctors.

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