Wiring ducts: Optimum protection for cables and installers

Wiring ducts system solutions keep everything in place

With thewiring ducts system solution HelaDuctthe quality-conscious panel builder:

  • can manage his cables more securely and effectively
  • can build a panel that is more orderly and professional-looking, reliable and easier to maintain for the panel-builder’s customer.
With the wiring ducts system solution HelaDuct the quality-conscious panel builder:

Ourwiring ducts benefitsat a glance:

  1. HelaDuctis asystem solutionfeaturing innovative, securely mounted wire retainers for alastingandtidy resultinside the panel.
  2. Thesmooth, burr-free edgesprevent damage to the wire insulation and injuries to fingers and hands.
  3. Burr-free removal of fingersusing perforated break points.Wall segmentscan also beremoved burr-freeusing perforated break points.
  4. Thecover stays firmly in place, even under challenging conditions such asvertical installationandstrong vibration, for example on a ship, on a train or in a wind farm.

Product overview

Learn how toorganizeandsecure your wirehere:

Learn more aboutoptimum protection for cablesand installers here:

Our wiring duct highlights for your panel

Thewiring ducts rangeHelaDuctcovers awide varietyofwidths (15 -150 mm)andheights(up to 100 mm).

All HelaDuct productsfeature abase perforationaccording toDIN EN 50085.

PVC wiring ducts

PVC wiring ductsare available

They areusedincontrol panels, switching systemsand especially电子控制系统.

HelaDuct HTWD-HF

HelaDuct HTWD-HFwiring ducts areusedincontrol panelsandswitching systemswhere there are high demands onpersonal or material safety in case of fire, such as in public transport, tunnels, data-processing centers or public buildings.

Main benefits:

  • Excellentfire-safetycharacteristics
  • Narrow slots suitablefor small-diameter wires
Blue ducts HTWD-PWB

TheHelaDuctwiring duct range features theblue ducts HTWD-PWBwhich are used toidentify intrinsically safe wiring, for instance inchemical plantsor anywhere where there areexplosive environments.

HelaDuct wire retainers and other accessories

Keep your panel orderly andsave time and costswith HelaDuct wire retainers and other accessories.

TheHelaDuct product rangeincludes two different wire retainers:

1.HelaDuct HTWD-BWR base wire retainersare installed in the wiring duct cabling
2.HelaDuct HTWD-NFWRandHTWD-WFWRwire retainerscan be installed in the wiring duct

Keep your panel orderly and save time and costs with HelaDuct wire retainers and other accessories.

HelaDuct HTWD-BWR wire retainersarequick and easy to mountandhold wires firmlyduring wiring, especially where the ducts are installed vertically on in the ceiling.
Theyoffer significantly higher secureandrobust fixing than conventional solutionswith adhesives because they are mechanically affixed to the duct.

Fixing the retainers in the duct is simple. HTWD-BWR retainers are locked securely into place in the duct with light press and twist of a screwdriver.

Main benefits:

  • Mechanicalanchorisexceptionally secureand does not weaken inwarm environments
  • Anchorof retainerremains insideraisedmounting pointand does not protrude below surface of duct base
  • Reduces strainon duct fingers especially at corners andeliminates bulgingagainst sidewall
  • Fits snuggly in duct forminimal loss of installation space
  • Available for allduct sizes of widthandheight 40 mm and larger


HTWD-NFWRandHTWD-WFWRwire retainers areeasily insertedonto fingers andhold wires securelyinto place when cover is removed.

Main benefits:

  • Preventswires fromfallingoutevenwhenvertically routed
  • One retainer for all duct widths: the retainer can be snapped to desired width perforated break-off points
  • Vertical positionon fingerscan befreely adjusted
  • Does not block insertionof wirings into Slots

Fixing the retainers in the duct is simple. HTWD-NFWR and HTWD-WFWR retainers are simply clicked into place on a duct finger.


HelaDuct HTWD-CTHis used toanchor a cable tie securelyto thebase of a duct. TheHTWD-TLis usedto fix aHTWD-RBrail mounting block to ductin order to mount duct to DIN rails.

Main benefits:

  • Holdsallcomponents firmly in place
  • Cable tie easily lacedthroughHTWD-CTH
  • Anchorof mountremains inside raised mounting pointand does not protrude below surface of duct base

ClickHEREfor an overview of all our products for quality-conscious panel builders:

Don't struggle over every cubic centimetre.
Save yourself space and time with our products.

panel builder


1.HelaDuct HTWD-PN:Wiring ducts for cables with small diameters. Remove the fins safely and easily using the perforated breakage points. Particularly narrow ribs and Slots

2.HelaDuct HTWD-PW:Wiring ducts for cables with larger diameters.

3.Helawrap HWPP: The ideal solution for bundling and protecting cables and wires.

4.HelaDuct Flex:Flexible cable harnesses for clarity in line management, even at sharp angels.

Labelling Systems

5.Panel labels:Low-cost alternative to engraved plastic signs. No additional sign holder necessary and easy to print on site.

6.WIC: Fast and easy labelling. Also suitable for retrofitting.

7.Helatag 1209:Resistant labelling with excellent protection against humidity and mechanical abrasion thanks to protective laminate.

8.IT cable ties:For easily combined labelling and bundling.

Cable tie and fixing Systems

9.Q series:Cable tie system with open tie head offers up to 25 % faster connection with its ease of use.

10.SolidTack:Mount with very high adhesive strength – even on low surface energy materials.

11.T50R0SFT6 cable ties:Teeth are placed on the outside, protecting the bundled product, christmas tree fastener enables variable attachment (sheet thickness).

Insulating products

12.HIS-3: For effective insulation and colour-coding.

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