Metal conduits for rugged cable protection

Wire conduits for industrial applications

The right metal cable conduit for your perfect cable protection

Helaguard SSC metal conduit

Unlike plastic or rubber solutions,metal conduitsare suitable for applications where, for example,high temperaturesexist or wherechemical resistanceis required. But not all metal conduits are the same. Different areas of application place different demands on the material and manufacturing process.

Whether astandard metal conduit, acorrosion-resistantconduit for cables withPVC coatingorliquid-tightwiring conduit withIP68 protection classfor humid environments: Find the best flexible metal conduit for your application with us.

For more precise planning from the very first idea:Most of our non-metal as well asmetallic conduits and fittingsare available to you free of charge as2D and 3D models.See for yourself now and get straight into planning.

Metal conduits for food and beverage production environments

PVC conduits with easy to clean outer surface

PSRSC, PVC metal conduit

Theflexible spiral-reinforced PSRSC metal conduitis ideally suitedfor food-processing applications

In a food manufacturing environment, it is of great importance tokeep the entire installation sterile.由于其smooth outer wall,PSRSC hose is particularlyeasy to clean.In addition, it isself-extinguishing, allowseasy insertion of the cablesandoffers some torsional movement

Further fields of application:

  • Machine building
  • Plant construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automation
  • Electrical installations


Metal conduit fitting for food-processing applications

HelaGuard PSRSC-FMCSSFF is recommended as asuitable stainless steel fitting for the PSRSC wireconduit.

  • Straight fitting
  • External thread
  • Stainless steel (SS316)
  • Fulfils IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69k with PSRSC conduits

Themulti-piece fittingwithexternal threadandelastomeric sealhasrounded corners, asmooth surfacewhich hinders the build up of grime and bacteria – according toEN standards

We offermany other product solutionsthat areperfect for specific industrial applications.Let's discover together which product isbest suited for your concrete usageContact our experts now

Coated metal conduits

PVC coated wiring conduit

PCS, coated metal conduit

ThePCS flexible conduit with plastic coatingis made ofgalvanized steel.The outside is coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

ThePVC outer sheathmakes the PCS wiring conduitresistant to alkalis, acids and chemicals.它还提供了very good protection against corrosion

Fields of application:

  • machine and plant construction
  • electrical installation

PA6 coated conduit for cables

PA06 coated metal conduit

TheNCS metal hose with PA6 jacketis characterised byexcellent tensile strength.It isresistant to high temperatures, compression and impact.It also deliversgood abrasion resistanceand isvery flexible

Whereververy good resistancetohigh temperatures, acidsorsolventsis required, the NCS galvanized steel wire conduit is the perfect choice.

Fittings for coated metallic tubings

PCS-SCG compression fitting for metal conduits

Fromcompression couplingsandswivel or fixed external threadsto simpleend inserts: find the right fitting for your application.

Liquid tight metal conduits

IP68 liquid tight wiring conduit with plastic sheat

LTS, IP68 liquid tight wiring conduit

Liquid-proof LTS metallic conduits, when combined with appropriate fittings (see below), meetIP66, IP67, IP68andIP69kratings.

Benefits at a glance:

  • high compression, impact and tensile properties
  • highly flexible metal conduit
  • smooth outer sheath, no wrinkles when bending
  • resistant to oil, grease, gasoline and acid

Thisflexiblemetal conduit is made ofgalvanized steelwith aplain outer sheath.It isused for machinery,toolsandoutdoor installationsas well as other applications that requireliquid imperviosness

In addition to the standard version, the LTS conduit for wires isalso available in the following other variants:

Liquid tight fittings: IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69k proved

45° elbow compression fitting for metal conduits

In combination with the matching coupling, the LTS conduit cable series is particularly characterised by its liquid impermeability – in terms ofIP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69k approval

Whetherelbow compression fitting, compression fittingwith strain relief and cable sealorplain end insert: we have the right fitting for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the right wire conduit?

HelaGuard SC metal conduit

With so many different wire protection products to choose from, it is sometimes not easy to find the right solution for a specific application.

We would like to make it easier for you tofind the right conduit.Therefore, together with the software service provider CADENAS, we provide most of our electrical conduits and fittings as2D and 3D models free for your use

In addition to usefulmodel data, discover numerousproduct imagesanddetailed specificationsfor more precise planning from the very first idea.

What is metal conduit?

HelaGuard SCSB, overbraided galvanized steel conduit

Metal conduits are generally defined ascable protection conduits and fittings made of metal.But not all metallic wire conduits are the same.

Protective conduit solutions made of metal impress withhigh impact and temperature resistance.In addition, many metallic electrical conduits are alsoresistant to liquids such as oil, gasoline or chemicals.Other tubing offerselectromagnetic protection (EMC shielding)

With theirrobustnessanddurability,flexiblemetal conduits from HellermannTyton aresuitable for a wide range of applications

At HellermannTyton you can choose from these5 types of conduit:

  • SC: Galvanised steel conduit
  • SSC: Stainless steel conduit
  • PCS: Galvanised steel conduit, PVC cover
  • NCS: Galvanised steel conduit, PA6 cover
  • LTS: conduit galvanised steel conduit, smooth PVC cover

How to connect metal conduit?

Helaguard SSC stainless steel conduit

To connect a cable conduit to your device, you needthe right fitting.We offer you avariety of different connectors.The naming of our accessories is always structured the same, so that you caneasily find the right solution

Take a look at ourHelaGuard nomenclature here

How to cut cable conduits?

HelaGuard ConClamp for metalic conduits

To cut metal tubes, you usually need a hacksaw.Precise cuttingalso requires firm grip on the tubing. With theHelaGuard CONCLAMP, you cansecurely hold various metallic tubings in placeso that you can cut them accurately with the help of a suitable saw.

What are the levels of protection for metal conduits?

HelaGuard nc,乙烯- coated galvanized metal conduit

According toDIN EN IEC 60529,levels of protection are indicated by a code made up oftwo constant letters IPandtwo characteristic numbersfor the degree of protection, e.g. IP54.

Discover here adetailed overview about the different degrees of protection

Are metal conduits chemical resistant?

HelaGuard SSC stainless steel conduit

In general, wire conduits havegood resistance to chemicals.But some conduits are more resistant than others,depending on the material and type of manufacture.That's why a closer look is needed.

Find here an overviewof the individualHelaGuard metal conduitsin terms of theirresistance to specific chemicals

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