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找到合适的corrugated plastic tubing for your application

HelaGuard HG-FR convoluted tubing offers excellent fire protection properties.

Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, trains or in public buildings,corrugated tubes can be found almost everywhere. Convoluted tubing isprimarily used to protect cabling.

Depending on the intended use, corrugated tubing is manufactured indifferent diametersand fromdifferent materials, for example PA6, PA12, PP und PE. Even though these are usually rigid materials, convoluted plastic tubing becomesflexible and bendabledue to its corrugated manufacturing method.

Convoluted wire looms are available in both closed andslit variants, and come in a wide range ofdiverse wall thicknesses. Proper installation also requires the use ofsuitable corrugated tubing fittings, as well as matchingconvoluted tubing holders.

This page gives you an overview of the HellermannTytoncorrugated conduit portfolio.

Product overview

Corrugated tubing for panel building

CTCC-IWS corrugated tubing holder and IWS convoluted tubing.

Solutions for fastening and routing cables inswitch cabinetsshould beeasy to process.

Just like ourIWS convoluted conduit holders: In addition to thetime-saving aspect, our holders are the best choice all round, especially in combination with our appropriateIWS corrugated tubes.

Firm, secure, well thought-out:Matched to the hole pattern in the control cabinet, our practical corrugated tube holders can be mounted in a snap – and convenientlyopened again with a screwdriverif desired.

CTCC-IWS corrugated tubing holders.

The smart product design of ourtubing holdersoffers many benefits:

  • Pre-fixation in the open position
  • Corrugated tube can rotate in holder
  • Fixing point on both sides for cable ties
  • Additional cable routing possible
  • Screw holes matched to the hole pattern in the control cabinet
  • Easy to reopen with screwdriver

Spiral reinforced conduits

FlexiGuard convoluted tubes are extremely flexible and deliver excellent mechanical protection.

Theextremely flexible FlexiGuard corrugated tubesimpress with theirvery high degree of mobility.

Further benefits:

  • excellent mechanical protection
  • good resistance to alkalis and acids
  • good resistance to chemicals
  • good resistance to UV and ozone

FlexiGuard conduits are primarily used inmachine and plant engineering, roboticsand as protection for the lead-in toswitch cabinets.

Suitablefittingsfor FlexiGuard wire looms:

Slit corrugated tubing

Convoluted tubing, double slit

HelaGuard HG-DC corrugated wire looms are ideal for pre-installed cables

TheHG-DC doubleslit wire loomis ideal for installations whereretrofittingis required. For example:

  • panel building
  • machine and plant construction

With the HG-DC conduit, thecables are inserted laterallyand itcan be easily reopened. The loom is highly abrasion-resistant, halogen-, sulphur-

and phosphorus-free, as well as self-extinguishing. It ismade of PA6and is supplied on reels, in lengths of25 meters,50 metersor inindividual cuts upon request.

Convoluted tubing, single slit

HelaGuard HG-ELWS, slit extra light weight corrugated tubing.

Theslit PA6 corrugated tube HG-ELWSis used in particularfor machines and commercial vehicles.


  • Resistant to solvents and oils
  • Free of halogen, sulphur and phosphorus

ELWS stands for "Extra Lightweight Slit". In addition to itslow weight, the hose impresses with itsflexibleand at the same timeabrasion-resistantas well astough material.

HG-ELWS corrugated loom is available in Black and Gray (on request).

Corrugated tubing: light, standard and heavy weight

Convoluted tubing, light weight

Flexible, light weight corrugated tubing with small bending radius.

Thethin-walled HG-LW corrugated plastic tubingis suitablefor applications with low mechanical stress, e.g. in:

  • machine and plant construction
  • panel cabinets
  • buildings

TheflexibleHG-LW islow in weightand has along product life. It ishighly impact resistantandform-stablewithvery good resistance to solvents and oils.

Corrugated tubing, standard weight

Flexible and very abrasion resistant standard weight convoluted tubing.

Themedium-walled HG-SW corrugated loomisrecommended for use in industrial applications, e.g. in the field of:

  • mechanical engineering
  • plant engineering
  • panel building
  • public buildings

The HG-SW is veryflexibleandabrasion resistant. It is alsohighly impact resistant and form-stableas well asself-extinguishingaccording to UL94 V2.

Further standard corrugated conduits:

  • HG-HI:very form-stablefor applications with a lot of movement
  • HG-PP: made ofpolypropylene(PP), suitable for laying in concrete and plaster
  • HG-FR:flame-retardant, for high fire protection requirements

Convoluted tubing, heavy weight

Flexible, heavy weight corrugated tube for high mechanical demands.

Thethick-walled HG-HW convoluted wire loomis primarily used wherespecial mechanical protection of cablesis required, e.g. in:

  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • construction engineering

The HG-HW isdesigned for challenging environments. deliversgreat mechanical strengthandhigh impact resistance.

The material is alsoresistant to solvents and oils, abrasion-resistantandself-extinguishingaccording to UL94 V2.

Convoluted tubing fittings

Choose the perfect fitting for your application

HelaGuard HG-SM Straight Swivel External Thread, IP66.

The HelaGuard product portfolio includes suitable fittings for every requirement. On the one hand, a distinction is made according to the design. For example, fittings are angled at45°, angled at90°orstraight.

A further distinction in accessories for cable tubing are thedifferent protection classesaccording to DIN EN IEC 60529.

Fittings in combination with corresponding plastic tubing are available in the following protection classes:

  • IP66
  • IP67
  • IP68
  • IP69k
HelaGuard HGL-T, T-Connector with conduit seals.

HelaGuard plastic fittings aremounted simply, quickly and very securely. They offerexceptionally high pull-off strengthand arevibration- as well as tamper-resistant. They can be removed with a screw driver. HelaGuard plastic fittingscan be used again and again.

Here is an overview of our corrugated pipe accessories. Click on the corresponding category to explore the single products in detail:

Corrugated tubing holder

Screwable fixing clip for plastic tubes

PACC holder for convoluted wire looms.

ThePACC holder for convoluted wire loomswithintegrated lidallows HelaGuard plastic sleeves to be securely fastened.

Itsinternal ribs prevent the tube from moving out of place. The holder is quick and simple to install andcan be attached with screws.

Plated steel fixing clip with PVC liner

The AFCS clip is used to secure metallic conduits.

TheAFCS galvanized steel fixing clamp with PVC protective profileis used as anadditional securing devicefor convoluted tubes.

The holder isvery easy to use. Its protective profileprevents damage due to abrasion.

Wire loom holder for panel building

IWS corrugated tubings are used to route and protect wires in control panels, switching systems and machine building.

Perfectly suited for switch cabinetsare ourIWS holdersincluding matching corrugated tubes.

You can find more about themhere further up this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the right corrugated tubing?

CADENAS, corrugated tubing.

In cooperation with the software service provider CADENAS, we offer youmost of our HelaGuard corrugated plastic tubes including matching fittingsonline: as afree 2D and 3D model.

In addition todetailed specificationson the individual product solutions, you will also find numerousproduct imagesin addition touseful model data.

CADENAS makes it easy to find the right solution for your application –for even more precise planning, from the very first idea.

How to find the right convoluted tubing fitting?

IWS flexible convoluted tubing.

Based on the name of a HelaGuard plastic fitting, you can easily determine the IP protection class, thread type and fitting shape, among other things.

To make it as simple as possible to find the right fitting for you, take a look at our这里HelaGuard命名法.

How to mount and remove corrugated tubing fittings?

To remove HelaGuard plastic fittings again, all you need is aflat head screwdriver. The screwfittings can be disassembled and reused as often as required.

To mount and remove HelaGuard plastic fittings,follow these simple instructions:

How to mount and remove corrugated tubing fittings.How to mount and remove corrugated tubing fittings.

1. If the fitting has been used before, be sure that the slit points to the “on” position. To assemble the fitting, push it on to the end of the conduit as far as possible without forcing it and twist it slightly. The fitting is now securely locked.

2. To remove the fitting, insert a small screwdriver into the slit.

3. Move the handle of the screwdriver towards the “off” position. The capnut will rotate slightly. The locking mechanism is now released.

How to mount and remove convoluted tubing fittings.How to mount and remove convoluted tubing fittings.

4. Remove the screwdriver.

5. Manually rotate the cap nut further towards the “off” position as far as possible.

6. Simply remove the fitting from the end of the conduit.

Still not quite sure? Findall the above stepshere in this additional illustration.

How to cut corrugated tubing?

CONCUTTER, a simple hand tool for cutting plastic tubing.

Non-metallic corrugated tubes can be easily cut with theCONCUTTER– asimple hand tool for cutting plastic tubing.

The CONCUTTER is available intwo variants:

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