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Coffee protects against cardiovascular diseases, obesity , headaches, diabetes and dementia


Scientists from the University of Colorado said the impact on the cardiovascular system is having coffee. For this purpose the experts analyzed three major studies on the effects of this popular drink.

According to one of the authors of scientific work, Dr. Laura Stevens, all three studies was the emphasis on coffee and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The use of beverage from roasted and ground beans of the coffee tree allows for a 7 percent reduction in the probability of heart failure and 8 per cent, the risk of stroke.

Coffee has the ability to protect people from the recruitment of extra pounds and headaches, can prevent the formation of gallstones, reduce the risk of type II diabetes and reduce the probability of collision with dementia. Beverage helps prevent Parkinson’s disease. The disease develops when the brain is death of neurons responsible for producing dopamine. Due coffee the risk is reduced by 30-60 percent. To consume the drink can and those who have faced Parkinson’s disease. According to experts from the University of McGill being, patients can better control your movement with the help of caffeine.

Coffee contains not only antioxidant and caffeine, but also manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B2, B3, B5. The product has nutrients remaining in the drink and assimilated by the body. Coffee beans are rich in beneficial fiber.

Coffee can be useful for the human body, but has the ability to have a negative impact if they are too abused. Scientists advise to consume the drink moderately – not more than 300 ml of caffeine a day (3-4 cups of ground coffee or 5 instant. At elevated pressure, problems with stomach or bladder – from the drink should be abandoned, – concluded the experts.

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