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Chip in the brain will protect from overeating


Scientists launch clinical research on devices among 6 victims of obesity. At the time of manifestation of the weakness of this chip will keep from overeating.

Scientists have developed an implant for the brain, which is able to switch off at the person desire to get an excessive amount of food. And now, this device you want to test among victims of obesity, who can not win an overwhelming desire to absorb calories. A group of researchers from Stanford University showed that with obesity and are prone to overeating laboratory mice consumed 60% less fatty foods after installation of a device for neurostimulation. Note that it was originally developed to treat epilepsy. The device acts on the area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which controls are necessary for us the need for food and sex.

The authors of the study maintain high confidence in the potential of this brain implant and his ability to control the worst instincts of the person from overeating to sexual aggression. For many years the implant was tested on rodents, and now it’s time to check his activity on the person. The first trials will involve 6 volunteers who don’t have any options in dealing with obesity and overeating.

Previously they have had to go through gastro-bypass surgery, after which either didn’t lose weight or could lose weight, but then recovered. This means that most of them there is no help. Within 18 months they will be wearing this implant, and the study authors to carefully monitor how changed food preferences of volunteers. (READ MORE)

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