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Buhari Won’t Be Victorious In Court – Secondus

The National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (NDP), Mr. Uche Sekondus, expressed confidence that the court would undo the victory of President Muhsmad Bukhari.

Therefore, he warned that no one would stop the party from challenging the results of the presidential elections on February 23 in court.

Secondus told reporters on Friday in Abuja that the party believes that justice will be observed in court.

“We will go to court. No one will stop us from going to court and disclosing all the facts that international observers and some people have not yet seen.

“We will find them in court, and I believe that justice will be restored in court.

“Because if we continue to suppress injustice and become sentimental, the country will continue to accumulate gunpowder, which will explode once.

“So much injustice has been done in this country, and if we allow it and it continues to accumulate, no one knows what will happen.

“So that’s why we decided that we, good citizens, law-abiding and people who believe in the rule of law, we will go,” said Sekundus.

Speaking about the recent meeting of the party and its presidential candidate, Atik Abubakar, with the National Peace Committee, Secundus said that the party had not been charged as they were invited only to express their complaints.

“There were no conditions. Initially, we should not have talked with them, because it was decided to go to court, but because of the persons involved, we said well, let’s just talk.

“There were no conditions. There were no status requests.

“We made it clear that if injustice is not eliminated, there will be no place for the world. Only when you solve the problem of injustice, can you now accept the world, ”he said.

Secundus also talked about the alleged militarization of the elections, especially in the south, south and southeast.

He said that this was one of the strategies that the ruling party used to deny the victory of the NDP.

He added that development was also responsible for the killing of innocent voters and the suppression of voters who were either scared or driven out of polling stations.

He said that even thanks to his own record voter turnout of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), last Saturday’s election, it had dropped to about 36 percent from 44 percent in 2015.

“While the armed forces suppressed voters in areas of strong capture of the NDP in the south, another abracadabra was occurring in some northern states, particularly in the states of Kano, Yobe, Borno and Zamfara.

“In the states of Borno, Yobe and Zamfara, a confirmed report shows that when using a smart card reader there was a failure to comply with the rules approved by the INEC rules.”

He added that “The same applies to canceled votes: more than 115,000 votes were canceled in Nasarava, 79,000 votes were Kogi, 30,000 were votes on a plateau”, which indicates that these high cancellation rates were intended to suppress the limit. victories in NDP strongholds.

Secondus urged members and supporters of the NDP throughout the country not to despair, but to remain steadfast and focused.

“As our presidential candidate assured, we will win in the end, because democracy has come to stay in this country and remains by the grace of God.

“I would also like to confirm to our security agencies, in particular the army, that they are not at war with any part of its citizens, and they should try to be professionals in their duties, avoiding electoral issues in accordance with the instructions of the country’s Supreme Court. “.

The highlight of the press conference is the minute silence of Nigerians who died on election day and during the celebration of the results.
Buhari Won't Be Victorious In Court

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