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Buhari Gets Congratulation Message From IBB

Former military president General Ibrahim Babangida congratulated President Buhari on his election as head of the country for the next four years.

A statement signed by him and journalists in Minnie Babangida states that the president must face the growing energy of the most pressing problem Nigeria will face.

He said that uncertainty about life and property is one of the most pressing problems facing the country because the Boko Haram uprising remains a threat to many Nigerians, especially in the northeast region, adding that kidnapping and armed banditry remain national a threat.

“Now that the president has won his candidacy for re-election, he has to face the most pressing problems Nigeria faces:“ the lack of security of life and property ”.

“Boko Haram’s uprising remains a threat to many Nigerians, especially in the northeast subregion, while the double evils of kidnapping and armed robbery / armed banditry remain a serious national threat, and the president should pay particular attention to these security issues,” the statement said. .

Older people also suggested that the country’s economy should also urgently receive the attention of the president.

“We need more creativity in developing policies that will improve the country’s economy, create employment opportunities and give hope to our young people in the team.

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He also urged the president to pay attention to the desire of intelligent Nigerians to restructure and to find all the constitutional means to transfer certain powers currently exercised by the federal government to other levels of government.

Commenting on the election results, Babangida called on the president to resist the temptation to allow his colleagues to fight him as opponents of election campaigns.

“The newly elected president should heal the wounds from the sudden election exchanges, covering those who competed with him together.” The president should resist the temptation to consider them as enemies, even opponents, but compatriots who only disagree with him on how best to move our country forward. ”

He expressed his admiration for the former Vice-President Atik Abubakar for his perseverance, which forced him to work with President Buhari to move the country forward.

“I was particularly impressed by the bold and impudent spirit of the main contender for the presidential race, the former vice president Atik Abubakar of GCON.

“I was not surprised that, although he lost the most exotic position in the country, his stubbornness and support character was pierced by ethnic, religious and regional traits that led him to the second position in the last presidential election.”

“I urge former Vice-President Atiq Abubakar to join their ranks and cooperate objectively and constructively with the winner of the elections so that democracy continues to develop in our country during this critical period of the Renaissance.”

Congratulation Message From IBB

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