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Blood pressure meds reduce risk of dementia

Лекарства от давления

Being on high doses of these drugs patients rarely faced with the insidious disease. This is due to the ability of these drugs to unclog blood vessels in different parts of the body, including the brain.

Littered blood vessels in the brain, which lead to the accumulation of specific proteins, is considered one of the main reasons for the development of dementia. And now it turns out that the medication from high blood pressure, which are directed on cleaning of vessels that is required for the prevention of hypertension, can provide additional protection against dementia. Note that the science is still not 100% sure what provokes dementia. But approximately 60% of the victims of Alzheimer’s disease, there are serious problems with the blood flow because of clogged blood vessels.

Various medications from high blood pressure, including medications category beta-blockers reduce the risk of heart disease, but their effects on the brain are largely unknown. And now a new study has found unprecedented benefits for the brain from taking medication against hypertension. In particular, it was found that receiving the maximum dosage of these drugs patients had a 37% less pronounced damage in the brain, which was determined by the number of characteristic nodules in the area. They are much smaller reduction in brain volume than their peers who received less aggressive treatment. Commensurately decreased and the probability of developing senile dementia.

Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in developed countries and in the top five of those reasons includes dementia. Prevention and treatment of these diseases is a major priority for many research institutions on the planet. Only now, however, scientists have obtained a relatively complete understanding of risk factors and problems that lead to heart disease. Among them are genetics, poor nutrition, age and a sedentary lifestyle, but of great importance have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Smoking. (READ MORE)

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