Dear reader,if you have been offered admission into any institution this 2018/2019 academic session, kindly visit the JAMB CAPS portal. While you are logged in, you can indicate your ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION of the admission offer. After completing this step, it automatically enables the processing of your admission. The jamb portal was designed for both Direct Entry and UTME candidates. Please follow the guide below.

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The Joint Admission and Billing Board (JAMB) has activated the Central Application Processing Portal (CAPS), where UTME and Direct Entry candidates can accept or reject admission proposal.

As part of the new JAMB admission policy, all admissions will be conducted online through the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), therefore, all applicants wishing to gain access to universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and other higher education institutions in Nigeria for the 2018/2019 academic year Session. It is recommended that they visit the JAMB CAPS portal to check their admission status, as well as to indicate acceptance or refusal.

Some institutions may not publish a list of candidates admitted to their various programs on their own portal or bulletin board. Therefore, applicants for admission are advised to constantly check JAMB CAPS to track admission status.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you agree to the admission, your admission quest is complete, since you will no longer be available for review at other schools. On the other hand, if you refuse admission, you become available to other schools that have free places for admission.

What is JAMB CAPS?
The Central Incoming Processing System (CAPS) is a platform designed to ensure quality control, transparency and reliability of the reception process.

It is assumed that the Central Entry Processing System (CAPS) will provide a “marketplace” on the JAMB portal, where institutions can go, and “ask students in Nigeria who evaluate their cut-off points”.

The system is such that institutions can only allow those who meet their cut-off points. If the candidate fails to mark the cancellation, then this student will certainly be denied admission, regardless of his affiliation.

How to accept or reject admission to JAMB CAPS.

How to accept or cancel a reception on JAMB CAPS Using a PC:

  • Go to the JAMB E-facility portal at
  • Enter your email address and password in the required columns, and then log in.
  • Then find and click “Check the status of the login to the 2018 UTME / DE on CAPS”.
  • Select “Receive Status” in the left pane.
  • Find and click the Search button in front of the JAMB registration number to upload your profile.
  • Now you can accept / reject the offer of admission in the “Login Profile” section.

How to accept or cancel a JAMB CAPS reception using a mobile device:

Note. If you use the phone, you may not see the opportunity to check your admission status in CAPS. Most phone users can only see the welcome message. The page “Quotes” is displayed only in a friendly way, because you need to use the desktop mode to view the full page. That is why the Chrome browser is recommended if you are using a phone. All you need to do is go to the Chrome option and select the server site to request a full page, as shown below:

  • Go to E-facility Here.
  • Sign in with your registered email and password.
  • Find and click on “Check the status of the login to the UTME / DE 2018” on CAPS.
  • You will be offered a white screen: (you can click on the image for a better view)
  • Select the three lines in the upper right corner of your browser (i.e.), and then select “Desktop”. (you can click on the image for a better view)
  • check entry caps
  • Select “Receive Status” in the left pane.
  • Find and click the Search button in front of the JAMB registration number to upload your profile.
  • Now you can accept / reject the offer of admission in the “Login Profile” section.

NB: Admission / refusal to participate in admission for free!

Candidates who have been invited to participate in the JAMB CAPS should print their opening letter in the same way after accepting the admission, as they are likely to need this during admission and registration at school to be admitted.

Information for those who are not yet accepted.

Candidates who have not been asked to attend are to be closely monitored for admission through JAMB CAPS.
Candidates who have used the “pending result” during their registration must upload their O’Level result to the JAMB portal so that their selection institution can process their admission.
Have you been accepted? Tell the success story in the comments section below.


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