Hello dear, i guess you probably came to this page either through one of the footer links on chibyke.com or by search engine referral.

Am glad to let you know that you are not only at the right place, but u also landed on this page at the right time.

We dont wanna get you bored, thats why we provided this about page.

Chibyke is a web page created solely for internet users. It is our priority to give the best user experience.

At chibyke, we ensure we keep our users up to date. We only archive this by creating good and unique articles that would suite the various needs of our users.

Who is the founder of Chibyke.com?

Chibyke.com was launched on the 13th of May 2010 by Divine felix .O. who happens to be the founder.


What Are We About?

At chibyke.com, We specialize in producing articles on music, education and entertainment.  Hence our users/visitors find our blog posts very relevant and interesting.

Head Office.

Street Address: Alhaji Ribadu Rd. St.

Town: Eti Osa L.G.A

Postal code:  101233

State: Lagos state

Country: Nigeria.






Thanks for reading about us.♥